Top Ways to Avoid Extra Credit Card Processing Fees

Paying processing fees is not liked by any business owner especially if these extra fees can be avoided. Looking through merchant service bills and statements can take up a lot of time especially if you do not understand the credit card processing technical terms. When you accept payment from your customer through credit cards you […]

The Ins and Outs of How to Calculate Overtime Pay For Your Employees

This article was contributed by Deanna deBara and originally posted on If your business employs hourly workers, you’re already familiar with the concept of overtime. But how, exactly, do you calculate overtime pay? What are the overtime rules? And how much more do you need to pay your workers per hour when they move […]

Contact Management System Is Important For Your Businesses – Know Before You Go!

It doesn’t matter at all whether you running a small or large business, the importance of managing contacts is always the same. Many businesses rely on business card scanner app and email-inbox to organize their business contacts. Business people often face difficulties when their contacts list increases, but managing them is crucial for the success […]

How Does a Medical Billing Company Make Your Healthcare RCM More Efficient?

Nowadays healthcare practitioners are facing difficulties due to ever-changing requirements, revenue leakage, inability to reform the financial cycle, payment denials, and billing errors. Hiring an efficient medical billing company can help you to tackle these problems effectively. It provides the following benefits to improve the proficiency of your practice;    Increase the overall efficiency of […]

7 Reasons why should you outsource toxicology billing services?

Timely availability of data and quality information is critical when it comes to medical billing. Instead, most lab professionals prefer to outsource toxicology billing services because it can help you to maintain data flow and manage processes, efficiently. Here are seven reasons to outsource toxicology billing: Reduces Operational Costs:  When you outsource medical billing services, […]

5 Crypto Stats Every Investor Should Know

Cryptocurrencies have become a large part of the investment world. Bitcoin and many other coins are traded throughout the world — even in countries like India where the government has turned a skeptical eye toward them. Here are five striking stats providing evidence of the meteoric trajectory of cryptocurrencies: 1. Over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies Have Failed […]

Crucial Questions to Consider Before choosing Lab Medical Billing Services

Who will manage an essential part of your business’ prosperity? If you have chosen to outsource lab medical billing services for your practice, now you have to make a critical choice between lab billing companies. There are a lot of options. You may have a few questions that are explicit to your requirements, however, the […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly Payroll

You value your employees, and you’re more than happy to compensate them for the effort and elbow grease they sink into your business. But, you’ll just say it: running payroll still isn’t your favorite activity. You got into business ownership to pursue your passion, and not to crunch numbers and pore over legal requirements. In […]

Gender Inequality in 2020

The suffragette movement officially started in 1903. We’ve made significant progress since then. Women can vote, hold property, and find employment in most countries globally. Regulations prohibit discrimination based on sex, and societal attitudes are changing. That’s encouraging. What isn’t encouraging is that women still don’t receive equal pay. Estimates in 2018 suggest that it’ll […]