Got Extra Time? 3 Places to Update Your Visual Online Marketing

Article was originally published on HoneyBook. All of us in the events industry are seeing some stormy skies at the moment. Some have already felt the stinging rain of canceled events or missed payments, and the rest of us are waiting apprehensively, sure that a flood is headed our way. It’s in these unsure, stormy […]

Intentional Goal Setting for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Source: Intentional goal setting is a key part of any business, whether you are a coach, designer, artist, photographer or creative of any kind. It’s one of the foundations of a business plan and gives us a clear picture of how to achieve our goals and bigger vision. Intentional goal setting helps us stay […]

Life in the Stimulation

Article was originally published on ChangeRoots. We Need A Post-Partisan World Now More Than Ever At ChangeRoots, we stand for a post-partisan world rooted in love. A world where leaders prioritize our well-being over their political loyalty. COVID-19 presents us with an opportunity to step closer into that world. It has exposed the vulnerability of […]

How to prepare your business for coronavirus – 18 protection steps

Source : The novel coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19, and that was first detected in China, has now been detected in 60+ locations internationally, including in the United States. In response, some Americans are cancelling and/or limiting both domestic travel and travel to outbreak hotspots (including Italy, China, Iran, South Korea, Japan and […]

3 Reasons a Cannabis Business Loan is Better than a Traditional Business Loan

If you’re entering the legal cannabis industry, you’ve probably found out how difficult it is to secure enough liquid capital for your business. Most banks will refuse you before you even begin the application process. Because the legalization of cannabis is fairly new, and weed itself is still considered illegal under federal law, many lenders […]

Where New Businesses Should be Spending Their Money

Deciding where to spend money as a new business owner can be tough. Seeing as the way you allocate your funds in early stages can ultimately determine the long-term success of your business, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Knowing that 90% of startups fail and that inefficient money management can be […]

To Tokenize Or Not Tokenize – The Truth About Scope And Compliance Risk

Article was originally published on Very Good Security Blog. The hard-to-face reality is that billions of personal records are exposed each year. A commonly used, yet incomplete solution, is tokenization. Tokenizing sensitive data does not eliminate the need to achieve and certify PCI DSS compliance. In order to completely descope from PCI, a business can […]