Crucial Questions to Consider Before choosing Lab Medical Billing Services

Who will manage an essential part of your business’ prosperity? If you have chosen to outsource lab medical billing services for your practice, now you have to make a critical choice between lab billing companies. There are a lot of options. You may have a few questions that are explicit to your requirements, however, the […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly Payroll

You value your employees, and you’re more than happy to compensate them for the effort and elbow grease they sink into your business. But, you’ll just say it: running payroll still isn’t your favorite activity. You got into business ownership to pursue your passion, and not to crunch numbers and pore over legal requirements. In […]

Gender Inequality in 2020

The suffragette movement officially started in 1903. We’ve made significant progress since then. Women can vote, hold property, and find employment in most countries globally. Regulations prohibit discrimination based on sex, and societal attitudes are changing. That’s encouraging. What isn’t encouraging is that women still don’t receive equal pay. Estimates in 2018 suggest that it’ll […]

9 Compelling Referral Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

Image Source According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), there are more than 2.4 billion brand-related conversations everyday in the United States. Sharing is an innate human trait, and people are always interested in talking about their favorite products/services. Leveraging word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. Referred customers […]

What’s The Difference Between Exempt And Non-Exempt Employees?

Whether your employees are considered exempt or non-exempt impacts several things from whether they track their time to overtime pay eligibility. But before you can accurately categorize your workforce, you need to understand what exempt and non-exempt means—and what’s required for each group of workers. The classifications come from the Fair Labor Standards Act. This […]

Top Business Intelligence Trends 2020

Article was originally published on Makeen. As companies, we exist in a unique era, a time when the data available and the data being created is growing exponentially. This is a world of big data, raw data, and data warehouses. This influx of data is changing how we do business and guiding improvements in our […]

3 Digital Marketing Solutions for Driving Sales

  What if I were to tell you there are tools available to increase your sales, that are both inexpensive, and are easy to implement. Is that something you might be interested in? In 2015, there are now more digital marketing opportunities available for growing your business – from the inside of your venue – […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Restaurant Payroll

Calculating restaurant payroll can be complicated – but it’s important. Paying your employees correctly will help you avoid any fees, fines and legal trouble – and will really boost the morale of your employees. After all, your employees are one of your most important assets in the restaurant industry! Fortunately, payroll services can help you […]

Got Extra Time? 3 Places to Update Your Visual Online Marketing

Article was originally published on HoneyBook. All of us in the events industry are seeing some stormy skies at the moment. Some have already felt the stinging rain of canceled events or missed payments, and the rest of us are waiting apprehensively, sure that a flood is headed our way. It’s in these unsure, stormy […]