Why We Built GrowSurf When There Are Already 50+ Other Referral Marketing Software Solutions Out There

There are already 50+ referral marketing solutions out there, so why did we build another one? The year was 2015, and we needed to implement referrals for our own SaaS businesses. We really admired freemium tools HotJar, Mailchimp, Zapier, Firebase, and Heroku] that democratized core services for startups and small businesses. We were looking for […]

Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions

After a thorough examination from FinancesOnline’s B2B software experts, GrowSurf, a free referral software tool, received two prestigious recognitions: the Great User Experience and Rising Star award. Generally, FinancesOnline’s experts praised GrowSurf’s ease of use. “GrowSurf makes it easy even for novice digital markets, agencies, enterprises and organizations of all types to create and launch […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly Payroll

You value your employees, and you’re more than happy to compensate them for the effort and elbow grease they sink into your business. But, you’ll just say it: running payroll still isn’t your favorite activity. You got into business ownership to pursue your passion, and not to crunch numbers and pore over legal requirements. In […]

Gender Inequality in 2020

The suffragette movement officially started in 1903. We’ve made significant progress since then. Women can vote, hold property, and find employment in most countries globally. Regulations prohibit discrimination based on sex, and societal attitudes are changing. That’s encouraging. What isn’t encouraging is that women still don’t receive equal pay. Estimates in 2018 suggest that it’ll […]

9 Compelling Referral Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

Image Source According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), there are more than 2.4 billion brand-related conversations everyday in the United States. Sharing is an innate human trait, and people are always interested in talking about their favorite products/services. Leveraging word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing decisions you can make. Referred customers […]

Coding For Kids: Getting Started Learning Programming

Computer programming is rapidly becoming increasingly popular. In turn, more and more parents want their children to learn coding – and for good reason. According to the Bureau of Labor, median pay for software developers is $103,560 per year, with demand expected to increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026, a growth rate which is […]

Making the Most of a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2020

With everything going on this year, minimalism could be exactly what you need to level up and reach your life goals. When you choose a minimalist lifestyle, you’re prioritizing an uncluttered, less stressful, more streamlined way of living. Minimalism gives you the opportunity to hone in on your budget, home, relationships, productivity, and overall sanity. […]