How to prepare your business for coronavirus – 18 protection steps

Source : The novel coronavirus that causes the respiratory disease COVID-19, and that was first detected in China, has now been detected in 60+ locations internationally, including in the United States. In response, some Americans are cancelling and/or limiting both domestic travel and travel to outbreak hotspots (including Italy, China, Iran, South Korea, Japan and […]

5 Time-Sucking Tasks All Freelancers Should Automate in 2020

Source: When it comes to working as a freelancer, there’s no more important asset than your time. We’ve all heard something like this a million times. And yet, we continue to let less-important tasks absorb our time, sometimes finishing up the week wondering: what exactly did I get done? Without some intervention, many of us […]

GDPR vs CCPA Compliance, All in One Place

Article was originally published on Very Good Security. In our last blog post about CCPA, we went into the details of California’s comprehensive privacy law, more formally known as the California Consumer Privacy Act. Coming into effect January 1, 2020, the new privacy law pertain to companies that collect data from California residents, regardless of the […]

The Best Software for Small Business in 2020

There really are a lot of software tools to choose from in 2020. And if you’re running any sort of small business, chances are you’re going to need some of it. So what’s the best software for small businesses in 2020? Source: Actually, what makes one particular software tool the “best” anyway? These can […]

Why your Business Needs a Brand Strategy

Source: Most entrepreneurs generally start out by focusing on what they’re good at and what they can sell, but this is the cart-before-the-horse method of creating a long-term viable business. What every business needs first is a good brand strategy. If you don’t have a strong brand, then you just have a service or […]

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