Becoming a blockchain developer – all you need to know

There are many vacancies for blockchain developers currently available in international markets – but is specializing in this field a good idea? We take a closer look at this issue.

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most discussed technologies of the last few years. But as you may know, in IT, the trends change fast. Could becoming a blockchain developer be a decision you start regretting quite soon? We doubt so – the boom for blockchain has only started recently, and everything indicates that it will stay with us for longer. 

Blockchain technology is a breeze of fresh air for the fintech industry, but it also has found its applications in healthcare, production, or logistics. Thus, if you’re looking for a new career path or you’re only entering the industry, we would definitely recommend going for the blockchain development

! Blockchain companies are on demand, and they’re ready to pay impressive money for the skilled developers. 

What competencies should blockchain developers have?

You should start from understanding the basics of the blockchain networks, figuring out such issues as:

  • the way the data is processed and stored within the blocks 
  • the way the chain is built using cryptographic functions
  • the way each action is processed within the blockchain platform by the nodes in order to verify its credibility

Smart contracts – what do you need to know?

Once you know the basics, it’s time to gain a deep understanding of smart contracts which are an essential part of the Ethereum blockchain. In a nutshell, these are self-executing blockchain protocols or programs used for digital agreements. They don’t require the engagement of third parties, making the process much faster yet safer. Once the determined conditions are fulfilled, they are run independently.

To implement smart contracts on the blockchain, you’ll need to know particular programming languages. The essential one is Solidity – a language created specifically for these purposes. If you already know JavaScript, Python, and C++, worry not – learning Solidity will be a piece of cake since it’s based on the mentioned languages.

The knowledge of Python will also be useful for learning Vyper – another top language used in blockchain development. Vyper is intuitive and simple but much more limited than Solidity. That’s not the case with Rust, which offers the same possibilities while working great with debugging.

If you’re planning to apply to blockchain development companies, it’s good to polish these skills first. A deep understanding of blockchain ecosystem is a must, but you don’t have to know all the languages associated with blockchain technologies – one is enough. As you may have noticed, it all comes down to Python and JS skills, so if you have that, you can upskill in no time. If it’s worth giving blockchain app development a go, it’s now!

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