How Indian NGOs can mobilize funds through CSR: A guide

Since their beginnings, numerous Indian businesses have given back to society through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments and foundations, including the Tata Group and other companies, among many others. CSR funding for NGOs are not wholly a novel idea in the Indian setting. However, the Companies Act of 2013 has prioritized CSR, requiring businesses […]

How to Make Ifvod TV More Better

How to Make Ifvod TV More Better Ifvod TV offers many choices in movies and shows. Although it might seem like a simple way to view these movies, the quality can be very poor. Not to mention the advertisements. One company has dedicated it’s time to improving Ifvod TV. We have listed a few reasons […]

Becoming a blockchain developer – all you need to know

There are many vacancies for blockchain developers currently available in international markets – but is specializing in this field a good idea? We take a closer look at this issue. Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most discussed technologies of the last few years. But as you may know, in IT, the trends change fast. […]

Intel Innovation 2022: live coverage of Raptor Lake launch and more

It’s hardware season, and Intel is up to bat next. The company is hosting its next Intel Innovation event, and the focus at today’s event is expected to be on its next desktop processors, the 13th-gen Raptor Lake. These highly anticipated new chips are the sequel to last year’s 12th-gen Alder Lake, which represented a […]

Stocks may rally if global central banks ease up on rate hikes, but inflation could rebound and spark more volatility, Charles Schwab says

Spencer Platt / Getty Images There are good, bad, and ugly outcomes for the stock market as inflation continues to weigh, Charles Schwab warned. Though inflation is coming down, it could easily rebound if central banks begin cutting too soon. "This whipsawing pattern may support a continued environment of volatility and wide market swings as […]

With iOS 16, you can ‘favorite’ artists in Apple Music to easily see their music and new releases — here’s how to do it

iOS 16 lets you "favorite" artists to better track them in Apple Music. brusinski/Getty You can now add your favorite artists to Apple Music for easier browsing and to get notifications about new releases. To add a favorite, tap the Star icon on the artist's page. You can find a list of all your favorite […]