Why We Built GrowSurf When There Are Already 50+ Other Referral Marketing Software Solutions Out There

There are already 50+ referral marketing solutions out there, so why did we build another one? The year was 2015, and we needed to implement referrals for our own SaaS businesses. We really admired freemium tools HotJar, Mailchimp, Zapier, Firebase, and Heroku] that democratized core services for startups and small businesses. We were looking for […]

Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions

After a thorough examination from FinancesOnline’s B2B software experts, GrowSurf, a free referral software tool, received two prestigious recognitions: the Great User Experience and Rising Star award. Generally, FinancesOnline’s experts praised GrowSurf’s ease of use. “GrowSurf makes it easy even for novice digital markets, agencies, enterprises and organizations of all types to create and launch […]

fun activities

When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t despair. Keeping them busy with fun activities  to do is the key to keeping the peace. Over 1200+ Early Childhood Development Education Content for Kids, Parents and Teachers – Augmented Stories, Zoom Lessons and Certification. Cartoon Learning Lessons, Humanistic lessons and […]

How to Watch US Netflix Content on Amazon Fire Stick

There are number of streaming services that have millions of TV shows and movies for the viewers but Netflix is on the top. However, it is not as simple as you think to watch Netflix on normal TV. Now what will you do? Do not worry; I can solve it in a minute with Amazon […]

Coding For Kids: Getting Started Learning Programming

Computer programming is rapidly becoming increasingly popular. In turn, more and more parents want their children to learn coding – and for good reason. According to the Bureau of Labor, median pay for software developers is $103,560 per year, with demand expected to increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026, a growth rate which is […]

Preparing for the AP Computer Science A Exam

For many students, myself included, their first exposure to Computer Science is through the AP Computer Science A course in high school. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed for high schoolers to learn subjects with the rigor, depth, and complexity of college classes. Taking AP classes can also boost a student’s weighted GPA. The AP […]

Top Projects That Can be Built Using Ruby on Rails Development

When it comes to choosing a suitable programming language for application development, one has a myriad of options available. However, if you have a startup development project, then you need to be really cautious while selecting. Simply speaking, the choice majorly depends on the project requirements along with other factors like the availability of the […]