Intel Innovation 2022: live coverage of Raptor Lake launch and more

It’s hardware season, and Intel is up to bat next. The company is hosting its next Intel Innovation event, and the focus at today’s event is expected to be on its next desktop processors, the 13th-gen Raptor Lake. These highly anticipated new chips are the sequel to last year’s 12th-gen Alder Lake, which represented a […]

What Silicon Valley still gets wrong about innovation

GUEST: Silicon Valley well exemplifies the saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Very little has changed over the past decade, with the Valley still mired in myth and stale stereotype.  Ask any older entrepreneurs or women who have tried to get financing; they will tell you of the walls they […]

France and Germany push the EU to fund tech innovation

(Reuters) – France and Germany are pushing for an EU-wide initiative to fund innovation and research in tech startup projects across the region so that Europe can compete more effectively against the likes of China and the United States. Europe has long been seen as a laggard in developing new technologies compared with the United […]

Fears that China has hurt innovation in the West are overblown

POPULAR concern about free trade with China has focused on the loss of manufacturing jobs in America and Europe. Policymakers have an additional worry: that China’s rise is hurting innovation in the West. This fear is among the small set of issues that unites American Democrats and Republicans. In 2016 Barack Obama’s commerce secretary said […]

FCC hopes opening up communication airwaves will boost innovation

Today, the FCC voted to move forward with a proposal to open up communications spectrum beyond 95 GHz. In a statement, it said that spectrum above this range has been thought to be at the edge of what’s usable, but now it wants to provide different levels of authorization to use the spectrum to, as […]