Prince Harry news: This Morning guest ‘desperately sorry’ about royal brothers ‘nightmare’

Ms Turner and Nick Ferrari, TV presenters, told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her worries for the Sussex and Cambridge Princes. It comes as season four of the Netflix original starts showing, with this season looking at Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship and more modern royal events. It comes as Harry has […]

The Masked Singer: The Freshest Clues About Sun, Seahorse, Serpent and More

Do not ask for hoooot the bell tolls: On this week’s The Masked Singer, it tolled for Snow Owls, the show’s first duo act. The paired warblers turned in a lovely performance of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s “The Prayer,” but found themselves relegated to facing Popcorn in the Smackdown round, nevertheless. Their do-or-die song […]

What Could Supernatural’s Series Finale Possibly Be About? CW Boss Teases a ‘Great’ Ending

After this week’s eventful penultimate episode of Supernatural, fans may very well be wondering what story is possibly left to tell in next Thursday’s series finale. After all, the second-to-last installment — spoiler alert! — wrapped up Dean and Sam’s battle against Chuck/God, sent Jack on a new journey and then ended on a warm, nostalgic […]

The Masked Singer: Is Broccoli a Well-Known Crooner? — Plus, New Clues About Mushroom, Jellyfish and More

America unseated a monster this week. I’m talking about Squiggly Monster, of course, who left The Masked Singer at the end of Wednesday’s episode after a breezy, fun performance of the Rolling Stones hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Squiggly did an admirable job, but other showings by his competition — including Jellyfish’s melancholy rendition of […]

This Is Us Premiere: EP Promises Answers About That Huge Randall-Related Reveal Will Come ‘Quickly’

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from This Is Us‘ Season 5 premiere.  This Is Us isn’t content to rest on its Laurel any longer. In the final moments of Tuesday’s Season 5 premiere, the family drama revealed that Randall’s birth mother — whom viewers had been led to believe died soon after his birth […]

The Undoing: Nicole Kidman Addresses Big Little Lies Comparisons, Drops Fresh ‘Tidbit’ About Potential Season 3

RELATED STORIES The Undoing and Big Little Lies share a network (HBO), a writer (David E. Kelley), a star (Nicole Kidman) and a conceit (wealthy moms in crisis!). But that’s pretty much where the project’s similarities begin and end, maintain Kidman and her Undoing director Susanne Bier. The fact that Bier has a “very different” […]

Helstrom: A Few Devilish Details About Hulu’s Horror-Filled Marvel Adaptation

RELATED STORIES Sibling relationships can be hell. Just ask Daimon and Ana, the brother and sister at the center of Hulu’s new horror series Helstrom. When the series drops in its entirety on the streamer Friday, audiences will be introduced to the pair, two members of an estranged family that has seen its share of demons […]

The Walking Dead boss rejects biggest fan theory about the masked stranger

Long-running fan favourite Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) finally made her stunning return in the season finale, A Certain Doom. However, her reintroduction just in time for the final season of The Walking Dead was overshadowed by her mysterious, masked companion. Decked in a white hood and metal mask and wielding dual blades, TWD […]

Shantel VanSanten Opens Up About Truncated Flash Run: ‘The Showrunner Put Me on a Train All of a Sudden’

RELATED STORIES Five years ago today, One Tree Hill alum Shantel VanSanten made her debut on The CW’s The Flash, as CCPD officer Patty Spivot. Yet despite being built up as a love interest for CSI Barry Allen, and thus the third side to a triangle involving Iris, Patty wound up gone in a veritable […]

Kate Garraway red-faced after Ben’s cheeky comment about guest’s jugs ‘I’m not staring!’

“Kate you know usually I have my jugs on display when I come on Good Morning Britain,” Jacqui explained. “You’re absolutely right Jacqui,” Ben remarked.  “I’ve never noticed that,” Kate quipped. “I’m listening to what she has to say. I’m not staring at her jugs.” Once the interview had come to an end, Ben said: […]