Experts debate the ethics of LinkedIn’s algorithm experiments on 20M users

Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Contributor | Bloomberg) This month, LinkedIn researchers revealed in Science that the company spent five years quietly researching more than 20 million users. By tweaking the professional networking platform’s algorithm, researchers were trying to determine through A/B testing whether users end up with more job opportunities when they connect with known […]

YouTube algorithm pushed election fraud claims to Trump supporters, report says

Enlarge (credit: Nathan Howard / Stringer | Getty Images News) For years, researchers have suggested that algorithms feeding users content aren’t the cause of online echo chambers, but are more likely due to users actively seeking out content that aligns with their beliefs. This week, New York University researchers for the Center for Social Media […]

How to Encourage STEM in Early Education

What is STEM? Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are largely used to influence innovative solutions to our world’s problems. Day-to-day decisions are increasingly being driven by data, with 90% of the world’s data generated just in the last two years. The proliferation of global access to mobile technology, the internet, and other innovations indicates […]

Teaching Kids Coding with Scratch

The Scratch Programming Language Scratch may not be a programming language that you’re familiar with if you’ve grown up hearing about BASIC and Cobol, but today Scratch is used in colleges, universities, and workshops to teach the basics of coding to both children and adults. Scratch was a project created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group […]

If an algorithm draws lines on a map, is that the same as land surveying?

Enlarge / Vizaline owners Scott Dow and Brent Melton (right), standing in front of a sample Viza-plat property outline. (credit: Chuck Cook) When does drawing a digital line on a satellite map cross an ethereal threshold into the centuries-old practice of licensed land surveying? This is the existential question now before a Mississippi state court. […]

YouTube Kids is reportedly releasing a version that swaps out the algorithm for actual humans (GOOG, GOOGL)

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images YouTube is releasing an alternative version of its YouTube Kids app that will rely on human curation to sift through video content instead of an algorithm, according to Buzzfeed News. The whitelisted app will reportedly be available in a matter of weeks. The move comes after a Business Insider investigation revealed that […]

A bunch of publishers are about to find out that Facebook’s algorithm thinks their video content is worthless (FB)

David Ramos/Getty Images Facebook’s algorithm could mean the beginning of the end for a certain type of video of the News Feed. The company has said it will penalize “passive content” in favor of content with which people can have meaningful interactions. But no one knows how that will play out. Some publishers that have […]