black-ish’s Dre Rolls Into the New Year Prepared — 2021 FIRST LOOK

All of those people who hoarded toilet paper at the start of the coronavirus pandemic have nothing on black-ish‘s Dre, from the looks of this exclusive photo from the show’s winter premiere. When the ABC comedy returns from hiatus on a new night and at a new time — Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 9/8c) — the […]

ITV GMB: Piers Morgan rages at James Cleverly ‘Why are you not prepared to apologise?’

One remarked: “I gotta say I really enjoy watching @piersmorgan make the guests so uncomfortable to the point they can’t wait to leave #goodmorningbritain #GMB. “Astonishing how anyone can believe a single word James Cleverly says after that #GMB,” a second tweeted. Another said: “I don’t praise @piersmorgan often. Maybe never but hats off today […]

Mexico's 'First Lady of the Disappeared' Is Prepared to Forgive

When Felipe Calderon, the former president of Mexico and the architect of its decade-long drug war, sat down to talk with families of the dead and missing seven years ago, Maria Herrera Magdalena was there, lambasting him for starting a deadly conflict that her country folk never asked for. Four years ago, when those same […]

Elon Musk could still settle SEC lawsuit but is prepared to fight

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Government/Legal,Green,Tesla,Electric Tesla chief reportedly hires defense lawyers. Continue reading Elon Musk could still settle SEC lawsuit but is prepared to fight Elon Musk could still settle SEC lawsuit but is prepared to fight originally appeared on Autoblog on Sat, 29 Sep 2018 09:15:00 EDT. Please see our terms […]

Hyundai Prepared to Juice Elantra GT Sales, Without Adding Extra Juice

Hyundai’s Elantra GT is an oft-overlooked compact hatch, muscled aside by Honda’s compact king Civic, the handling (and snob) appeal of Volkswagen’s Golf and GTI, and further threatened by the impending release of a Toyota Corolla hatch that doesn’t suck. Still, it remains a compelling vehicle with a pleasing design and an available Sport variant. […]

Whatever Trump Decides, Fiat Chrysler’s Prepared for What Comes Next

Without a functional plan, each episode of the A-Team would have ended with four funerals. For Fiat Chrysler, however, the solution to its problem doesn’t involve welding armor plating to a series of scrapyard vehicles while the guy from Breakfast at Tiffany’s lays down covering fire with a Ruger Mini-14. FCA’s main concern involves the […]

Trump is ‘well prepared’ for summit with Kim – US secretary of state

US President Donald Trump is “well prepared for tomorrow’s engagement with [North Korean] Chairman Kim [Jong-un],” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in Singapore on Monday. Pompeo also said that Washington’s stance “remains clear and unchanged,” with reference to the US president’s previously stated position that he wants full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. […]