Car Dealer Fined Again For Selling A Clocked Vehicle – Are You At Risk Of Buying One?

A UK-based car dealer has been fined £14,000 (€15,350) after being caught selling a clocked car for the second time. Oldham-based S Cars were taken to court after the mileage on an Audi Q7 they sold dropped by 30,000. Cars with incorrect mileage are an all too common occurrence in the UK, with tests finding that 18% […]

How Do Hydrogen Cars Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Move over, electric vehicles: there’s a new energy-efficient alternative vehicle hitting the roads. Hydrogen cars (H2s) are ones whose motor is powered by hydrogen fuel cells as opposed to gasoline. Fuel cells create electricity through a REDOX reaction, which then produces eco-friendly emissions and provides long fuel range and fast refueling.  The biggest setback to […]

Luxury Car Hire in Delhi

CAR RENTAL DELHI INDIA WITH DRIVER :PRIVATE CAR HIRE IN DELHI DRC Services India Pvt. Ltd. is one most famous and reliable transport company in capital of Nation. We offer all kind of Car Rental in Delhi,You Private Can Hire all luxury cars in Delhi , delhi tours, car rental delhi india, delhi Private taxi […]

Things About Cars You Need to Know

Image: [] Buying a used car is a great financial move which can help you save more money than ever before, but it also involves more risk and unknowns than looking for a new car. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can find a great price on a car without any major […]

Always Be Prepared: Five Motocross Safety Guidelines To Remember

Article was originally published on MXStore. Safety is everyone’s concern, whether you’re a motocross racer or a spectator. Accidents happen, but you can prevent them in some cases by keeping on top of bike maintenance by replacing worn or broken dirt bike parts, wearing the right motocross protective gear and keeping up to date on the rules and […]

Car hacking methods + prevention tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cars are becoming increasingly fueled by tech as the landscape transitions away from gasoline and towards electric vehicles. And just like other electronic devices like computers and phones, cars can be hacked if the proper cybersecurity measures aren’t taken. In fact, white-hat hackers have demonstrated the ability to control steering, brakes, and dashboard functions from […]