Stocks may rally if global central banks ease up on rate hikes, but inflation could rebound and spark more volatility, Charles Schwab says

Spencer Platt / Getty Images There are good, bad, and ugly outcomes for the stock market as inflation continues to weigh, Charles Schwab warned. Though inflation is coming down, it could easily rebound if central banks begin cutting too soon. "This whipsawing pattern may support a continued environment of volatility and wide market swings as […]

Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary says it may be time to buy stocks as volatility returns

Kevin O'Leary Andrew Burton/Getty Images Kevin O'Leary said volatility has returned to the stock market, adding it may be time to buy.  The "Shark Tank" star addressed uncertainty in markets about how aggressive the Fed will be.  "There's a bet going on in the market, you can see it as volatility," he said.  "Shark Tank" […]

Pound to euro exchange rate ‘slides’ amid Brexit volatility – should you buy travel money?

The pound to euro exchange rate has decreased despite the odds of a no-deal Brexit slimming, experts have said. On Tuesday, after a day of debate concerning different amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement originally proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May, MPs supported a new approach to reopen the agreement and replace the backstop with “alternative […]

Volatility is set for a big comeback on Wall Street — and it’s down to Facebook and Google

Reuters / Sue Ogrocki Volatility could be set for a big comeback on Wall Street, and big tech companies like Facebook and Google are partly to blame. Under a major reorganisation, Facebook and Google parent Alphabet, will shift from their traditional homes in the top-performing technology sector and into a deepened pool of telecommunications and […]

The 50 cent options trader who bets on market volatility says a financial ‘earthquake’ is coming

REUTERS / Mike Hutchings Asset manager Ruffer LLP uses 50 cent options contracts to bet on rising market volatility as a hedging instrument. The fund says February’s stock selloff is likely to be a tremor and a bigger financial “earthquake” is only months away. Ruffer remains positioned to profit from an increase in volatility. The […]

More market volatility seems likely

“FASTEN your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” Those famous lines of Bette Davis in “All About Eve” may turn out to be the motto for the markets in 2018. After the “volatility vortex” in February, sparked by concerns about inflation, markets have thrown a “tariff tantrum” after President Donald Trump sparked […]

Bond market volatility can be a good thing

Bond yields have been rising for long enough for stock investors to account for inflation and interest rate tightening. Stock repricing is not a reflection of economic downturn, just of a market adjustment in a slightly overheated environment. Diversify your portfolio across asset classes. Yields may go notably above 3% soon. Stocks swung wildly in […]

Bets on low market volatility went spectacularly wrong

THE Cboe Volatility Index, or Vix, known as the “fear gauge”, spikes when markets are most jittery. When Sandy Rattray, now at Man Group, an asset manager, worked on the Vix in the early 2000s, he and his team considered launching an exchange-traded product (ETP) linked to it, but concluded that it would be a […]

Market volatility has been low, encouraging risk-taking

MAY YOU live in boring times. Financial markets have become dull, if profitable. The S&P 500 index, America’s leading equity benchmark, has notched up its longest-ever streak without a 5% reversal. Bond yields may have inched up in recent months, but are still at the bottom of historical ranges. Institutions famed for their trading prowess, […]