Zelenskyy says he doesn’t think Putin is ‘bluffing’ over nuclear threats

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy; Russian President Vladimir Putin. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP via Getty Images; Contributor/Getty Images Zelenskyy says that he does not think Vladimir Putin is "bluffing" about his nuclear threats. "Maybe yesterday it was bluff. Now, it could be a reality," Zelenskyy told CBS's "Face The Nation." Last week, Putin threatened the use of nuclear […]

Trump threatens to pull out of NAFTA, but there’s a reason he’s probably bluffing

Evan Vucci/AP President Donald Trump has talked tough on trade, but concrete actions have been more sporadic.  A new report from Pictet suggests Trump is bluffing when he threatens to pull out of NAFTA. The analysis is based on the notion that Trump needs a Republican majority that still mostly favors open trade in order to pass […]

Macron accuses UK of ‘bluffing’ over threats of no-deal Brexit

French President Emmanuel Macron has accused UK politicians of “bluffing” over a “no-deal” Brexit option. Much “still needs to be done” before the next round of negotiations can begin, he added. “We haven’t even got halfway there yet,” Macron told reporters in Brussels. “Theresa May’s problem is that those who wanted Brexit never told the […]