Tips on How to Keep Your Digital Detox on Track

7 Tips for a Successful Digital Detox

This is the digital era, so we tend to spend most of our time on our digital devices. If you are not watching television, you are doing something on the computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Also, you spend a reasonable amount of time on social media, including trying to borrow an online loan over the phone. All these are interactions that keep us busy when we are not at our regular place of work.

Unfortunately, the devices are addictive, and some people may find it difficult to let the habit go once they start using the devices. It is the reason why digital detox may come in handy.

So, what is a digital detox?

Digital detox entails refraining from accessing and using digital devices such as tablets, computers, television, and smartphones. When you detox, it reduces distractions and will help you to focus on other things.

Detoxing procedures make it difficult for you to access social media sites and chats. They allow you to forget social media for a while. This is vital since it will enable you to avoid the stress associated with digital devices and connectivity. Unfortunately, people have no idea how they can go about digital detox. Here are tips on how to digital detox to help you succeed in your journey.

  1. Try to Be Realistic

Firstly, you must determine the period or the time frame within which to detox. If you are doing it for the first time, the period should not be too long. If you are just planning to liberate yourself and refresh for a while, choose a period you know you will be communicating less.  As such, there should be no pressure to go back to the digital device until you fully detoxify. If the nature of your work requires that you use the device, then the right period for digital detoxification is on the weekend.

Also, decide the part you want to detoxify yourself. For instance, you can choose to detox from calls, text messages, and social media chats but allow yourself to play games or watch movies on your devices.

  1. Set Your Goals

To break some habits, you must have a good digital detox plan to help you set clear goals and work hard to achieve them. So, you will need to set achievable goals before you get started. Firstly, you must define the activities you want to refrain from. Secondly, you must define how long you will refrain from the device.

Lastly, you must adhere to a strategy. For instance, you may reduce the amount of time you spend on social media to 2 hours per day. Ensure to adhere to the schedule. Also, have rules and follow them. Besides, you may decide to switch off the device during those hours you chose to detoxify.  You may also decide to leave the phone at home or keep the device away from you during the time.

  1. Determine the Amount of Digital Detox You Need

You do not need to copy-paste what your friend is doing since there is no one-size-fits formula for all of us. Therefore, you must create a plan that works for you and which can unravel the benefits of a digital detox. You need to determine the amount of detox you want.

For instance, if you want to cut yourself from a digital device completely, you may need to take actions that include turning it off during that period. If you just want to keep off from social media, switching off the notification or disconnecting it from the internet could help.

  1. Find Something to Do

Once you start working on the digital detox challenge, you will find yourself with a lot of free time. So, you need to keep yourself busy during this period to wade off the temptation of going back to using the device.

Also, you may resort to exercising. You may choose to engage in other fun activities such as cooking for the family during those hours. It helps to reduce the boredom and the temptation to go back to using the device.  You may also need to take pauses and evaluate yourself.

  1. Avoid Doomscroling

Taking stock of the social media you use is important. It helps you determine digital detox tips you can benefit from and those you don’t. Do not allow yourself to connect with people you don’t know and who might just waste your time. Also, some apps add value, and some do not. So, you need to identify those that do not add value and delete them.

  1. If You Fall, Get Up and Continue

If you fail in your first attempt to detoxicate, do not give up.  A digital detox trend is more like a new year resolution, so you should keep trying until you succeed.

  1. Use the Right Approach

If you want to do away with any activity using your smartphone or social media, the best thing is to restrict yourself from it. Ensure to use an approach that will give you the desired results.


But not all digital interactions are harmful. Spend some time picking those that add value to your life. For instance, you may add digital fitness and remove those that do not add value to your life.

Do you think it is necessary to detoxicize ourselves digitally once in a while?  What other ideas do you think can help a digital detox plan work?

Post Author: Jade Langton

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