I was hypnotized by a 5-star hotel’s ‘resident healer’ and would opt for the eccentric, $285 treatment over a massage in the future

Four Seasons hypnotism session Hannah Towey/Insider The Four Seasons Hotel spa in New York offers consultations with "certified spiritual healers." From chakra healing to astrology, the unique offerings tap into a $ 639 billion wellness tourism market.  I'd choose the spa's hour-long hypnosis session over spending the same amount of money on a massage. Luxury […]

Eccentric Japanese billionaire earns retweet world record with $92mn giveaway

Japanese billionaire and clothing retail tycoon Yusaku Maezawa has clinched the top spot for most retweeted tweet of all time, using the tried and trusted ‘free cash’ method. The eccentric founder of Zozo Inc., originally a drummer in a punk band, promised to give out 100 million yen ($ 925,000) in cash prizes to a […]

Adorable, Eccentric Collages of Cats and Plants

Chicago collage artist Stephen Eichhorn has collaborated with independent publishing house Zioxla, best known for their Strange Plantsseries, and Barcelona-based design studio Affaire for his charming debut book Cats & Plants. The book combines three of our great loves — fun design, feline cuties, and eccentric greens — in what Affaire describes as a modern […]

Time for some fame theory: Meet the eccentric liberal analyst whose unhinged tweetstorms have made him Twitter-famous

Eric Garland Eric Garland went to sleep on December 10 with 5,000 Twitter followers. When he woke up the next day he had 30,000. “It was pretty awesome,” Garland told Business Insider in an interview. “When you’re used to one level of Twitter and you see Luke f—ing Skywalker liked your tweets — he didn’t […]