I was hypnotized by a 5-star hotel’s ‘resident healer’ and would opt for the eccentric, $285 treatment over a massage in the future

Four Seasons hypnotism session Hannah Towey/Insider The Four Seasons Hotel spa in New York offers consultations with "certified spiritual healers." From chakra healing to astrology, the unique offerings tap into a $ 639 billion wellness tourism market.  I'd choose the spa's hour-long hypnosis session over spending the same amount of money on a massage. Luxury […]

The Native American Healer Reviving the Medicine of Her Ancestors

When an elderly Lakota woman limped into the medical tent, one foot sporting a painful burn, Linda Black Elk knew just the herb that would help. She began boiling yarrow, a plant that blossoms golden yellow and has been prized for its healing properties for centuries. Though she had applied the remedy countless times, Black […]

‘Overwatch’ gets a new healer hero and another map

At last year’s Blizzcon, Blizzard introduced a new character for its hero shooter, Overwatch — but community excitement was subdued after the months of teasing, hints and puzzles leading up to the announcement. Perhaps that’s why Blizzard chose to announce a new hero today on the Blizzcon stage — in the midst of its ongoing […]