The Native American Healer Reviving the Medicine of Her Ancestors

When an elderly Lakota woman limped into the medical tent, one foot sporting a painful burn, Linda Black Elk knew just the herb that would help. She began boiling yarrow, a plant that blossoms golden yellow and has been prized for its healing properties for centuries. Though she had applied the remedy countless times, Black […]

Arthritis causes: Gene helping ancestors survive THIS injury left us with joint condition

A new study has suggested that the gene that helped our ancestors survive frostbite has left us with the joint condition. Frostbite is damage to skin and tissue caused by exposure to freezing temperatures, according to the NHS. The researchers at Stanford and Harvard universities believe the gene variant needed to survive the cold weather […]

DNA in dirt can reveal where human ancestors lived

When you want to know where humans have lived, you typically look for direct signs like bones or buildings. But that’s not always easy, especially with hominid ancestors who didn’t exactly leave an abundance of remains. Thanks to a new genetic research technique, however, those obvious clues won’t be necessary — you’ll just need some […]

Assassin’s Creed creator’s new game Ancestors gets a teaser trailer

Every human on Earth can trace their lineage back to a single ancestor who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago, and now it looks like someone is going to make a game about that. Noted game designer Patrice Desilets revealed a teaser trailer for his new game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey today. The video starts […]