3 Reasons a Cannabis Business Loan is Better than a Traditional Business Loan

If you’re entering the legal cannabis industry, you’ve probably found out how difficult it is to secure enough liquid capital for your business. Most banks will refuse you before you even begin the application process. Because the legalization of cannabis is fairly new, and weed itself is still considered illegal under federal law, many lenders […]

Where New Businesses Should be Spending Their Money

Deciding where to spend money as a new business owner can be tough. Seeing as the way you allocate your funds in early stages can ultimately determine the long-term success of your business, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Knowing that 90% of startups fail and that inefficient money management can be […]

To Tokenize Or Not Tokenize – The Truth About Scope And Compliance Risk

Article was originally published on Very Good Security Blog. The hard-to-face reality is that billions of personal records are exposed each year. A commonly used, yet incomplete solution, is tokenization. Tokenizing sensitive data does not eliminate the need to achieve and certify PCI DSS compliance. In order to completely descope from PCI, a business can […]

Top Five Concepts That Each Accounting Student Should Be Aware Of!

Known as the language of business, Accounts refers to the measurement and processing of financial information about the economic titles in a business or an organisation, along with communication with the help of a financial statement. There are five main concepts that can be used to communicate in the language of accounts. But, to understand […]

Why the pro traders have a unique trading routine

Professional investors and currency traders always think one step ahead. Unlike new investors in Australia, they never try to earn huge profits by taking a high risk or following an aggressive method. They believe in the conservative trading method and they always execute trades with managed risk. If you want to succeed at trading, you […]

The hidden costs of job hopping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re in your very first job out of college, or you’re far along in your career, there’s a good chance you won’t be in your current position forever. The average time an employee spends in a position is actually only about five years. That’s because changing jobs can be a great way to gain […]

How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding (Infographic)

It comes to no surprise that women add a comforting and impactful touch in the workplace. They have the ability to take calculated risks putting their ego to the side and grow their network by collaborating with anyone to complete anything put in front of them. Even though women sometimes get the short end of […]

Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Article was originally published on GSI Exchange. Investors across the globe have invested nearly $57 BILLION into cryptocurrencies Among the 100 cryptocurrencies that make up this total market capitalization, Bitcoin, the most popular of these alternative currencies, makes up roughly 50% of this entire volume (over $28 billion). Bitcoin’s market cap is so large that […]