California man accuses Southwest Airlines passenger of physically assaulting and hurling racist slurs at his wife on flight to Phoenix

A note passed among seatmates during the alleged incident. Courtesy of Faraaz Sareshwala Google software engineer Faraaz Sareshwala said his wife was assaulted on a Southwest flight to Phoenix. In a thread of tweets, he called out Southwest Airlines for not reprimanding the man he said is responsible. The Phoenix Police Department handed the case […]

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is hurling winds at speeds of 180 mph towards 37 million people across Asia

AP Photo/Aaron Favila Super Typhoon Mangkhut is hurling through the Pacific, boasting 180 mph winds threatening millions of people across Asia in what is estimated to be one of the strongest systems on record.  Nearly 37 million people are estimated to be in the storm’s path, according to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System.  Mangkhut, […]

WATCH: Shocking footage shows Thomas Cook baggage handler hurling luggage into plane hold

Shannon Peppiatt flew from London Gatwick to Dalaman in Turkey with Thomas Cook.  She said her luggage was ‘severely damaged’ when she arrived at her destination.  Shannon claims the incident angered her enough to switch airlines for her return flight home.  She said she chose to fly back with easyJet, who she currently works for […]

WATCH: Video of baggage handlers HURLING suitcases at Luton Airport sparks OUTRAGE

Ever wondered why your bag looks a bit battered after a flight? Shocking footage captured at London Luton Airport may provide the answer. Baggage handlers were caught on camera throwing suitcases from a conveyor belt onto a truck. The bags are hurled wildly, with some shown bouncing out of the vehicle and onto the ground. […]

RaGaBa Involves Hurling Your Body Parts To Keep Monsters Away

You’re kind of lost and monsters are being kind of difficult in RaGaBa, an infinite arcade game where you throw your body parts at jerk creatures to make sure they don’t kill you, seeing as your body’s already in pieces and that’s enough to have to worry about with being dismembered AND dead. These monsters […]

11 rioters arrested after hurling rocks at police and TV crew during Swedish school brawl

Police have arrested 11 people on suspicion of rioting after a mass brawl broke out at a school in Hallsberg, Sweden. Local media reported the rioters were migrants. [embedded content] Smartphone footage of the brawl emerged online, showing young people throwing rocks both inside and outside the school. A total of 30 people took part […]