American Horror Story: Apocalypse Recap: Michael's Twisted Backstory Involves Yet Another AHS Season

Over the course of just four episodes, American Horror Story: Apocalypse has gone from being a show about Earth’s last survivors to a show about the timeless struggle between witches and warlocks. That’s an impressive leap, even by AHS‘ standards. Wednesday’s episode turned the clock back three years, when Outpost 3 was still an elite […]

The next big ‘Destiny 2’ update involves a revamped mobile app

Bungie only just released Destiny 2‘s “Go Fast” update, but it’s already set to talk about its next releases — and this time, the most important moves are outside the game itself. The studio is readying updates to both the Companion mobile app and its website that will make them decidedly more useful when you’re […]

One of the best battles in Congress involves a top Republican’s years-long crusade against The History Channel

Steve Pope/Getty Images Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley has roasted The History Channel for years. He would prefer if the network aired more historical programming. Many have expressed agreement with his tweets on the subject. Perhaps nothing has drawn the ire of top Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley like The History Channel’s programming. For more than six […]

Cristiano Ronaldo makes huge demand to Real Madrid – and it involves Lionel Messi

Ronaldo scored a free-kick which went through the defensive wall to break Gremio’s brave resistance and give Real Madrid a 1-0 victory in the final. It secured Real their second world title in a row, the third in the last four seasons, and ended Gremio’s hopes of pulling off what would have been a huge […]

The business of being Santa involves a lot more than simply wearing a suit

Courtesy of Jim Manning Santa Jim understands the value of a top-notch beard — no straggly, wispy nonsense or anything that could easily get pulled off. Instead, he imports his beard, which ties on in three places, from Switzerland for a whopping $ 750. To Santa Jim, it’s worth every penny. According to this professional, […]

The Future of the ‘Alien’ Series Involves Fewer Aliens, Says Ridley Scott

If you watched Alien: Covenant earlier this year and thought, “Huh, director Ridley Scott really doesn’t seem all that interested in the aliens in this Alien movie,” well…it seems like you were right. While Covenant was a box office disappointment, the legendary filmmaker still intends to make another movie in the franchise and it certainly sounds […]

Like genes, language evolution involves random chance

Enlarge (credit: flickr user: Caro Wallis) Linguists know a huge amount about the historical changes that have shaped the English we speak today, but there are still plenty of questions to be answered. In some cases, new tools that linguists stole from biologists are letting us ask questions that we haven’t been able to address […]

Richard Branson made a bet with a rival CEO that involves ‘a knee in the groin’ — and he’s ready to collect

Gareth Cattermole/Getty “If Willie is planning to have any more kids, he had better get a move on!” Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson wrote in his new autobiography titled “Finding My Virginity.” The “Willie” in question is International Airlines Group CEO Willie Walsh. Branson is concerned about his ability to reproduce because of a […]

Trump’s new morning ritual involves a ‘venting session’ to his legal team about Russia

AP Photo/Matt Rourke President Donald Trump has begun phoning members of his legal team most mornings around 6:30 a.m. to vent and strategize about the Russia investigation, The Washington Post reported on Friday, citing three senior White House officials. Officials said the discussions usually involve an overview of recent headlines and a plan to combat […]

Howard Phillips Lovecar Involves Racin’, Shootin’, Elder Horrorin’

Cultists be up to no good, but you’ve got a full tank of gas in your beater car and a shotgun loaded with buckshot. It’s time to show those elder ones who’s boss in Howard Phillips Lovecar, a fast-paced racer/shooter where you have to smear and blast cultists and evil deities in a hurry. Howard […]