Good Doctor Recap: Lea Combats Cyber Terrorism — Plus, [Spoiler] Gets Fired

RELATED STORIES The Good Doctor went full-on CSI: Cyber this week — and you probably have some thoughts. In addition to the cyberattack, Monday’s Freddie Highmore-directed episode saw the departure of one of the newbies (no real surprise, given where her story left off four weeks ago) and the salvation of a fan-favorite friendship. Before […]

American Idol Recap: Katy Perry Meets Her Twin ‘At Last,’ Plus More of the Best and Worst Auditions From Week 2

RELATED STORIES American Idol‘s second round of Season 19 auditions did not feature any more children of disgraced political figures, but it did introduce us to a girl who kind of looks like Katy Perry. And that’s not nothing. The look-alike in question was 17-year-old Hannah Everhart, who charmed the judges with a lovely (if […]

Drag Race Recap: A Lackluster Rusical Gets Upstaged by a Lip Sync Surprise

RELATED STORIES Broadway may still be dark, but Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race kept the music going (for better or worse) with the debut of its latest Rusical. The Rusical is a time-honored tradition, one that has previously explored everything from the rise of the Kardashians (R.I.P., Kimye!) to the fall of herstory’s baddest […]

Mom Recap: Bonnie Breaks Down in Christy’s Bedroom — But Why?

RELATED STORIES Bonnie finally had a good cry about missing Christy this Thursday on Mom — the first episode since CBS announced the long-running comedy would end this season. Throughout the episode, Bonnie was spiraling, trying to figure out how best to utilize the bedroom that previously belonged to her daughter. An arts-and-crafts room for […]

Drag Race Recap: Was the Right Queen Ru-booted From the Competition?

RELATED STORIES Reboots and Ru-vivals may be all the rage, but they rarely match the quality of the original. Enter this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Three seasons after The Bossy Rossy Show wowed audiences with its terrifying pickles and sexy drag babies, Ross Mathews’ iconique late-night talker was brought back for another round […]

FBI Recap: Maggie and Nestor [Spoiler]

RELATED STORIES Warning: This post contains spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of FBI, titled “Uncovered.” Read at your own risk! Long-term romances don’t fare well on FBI, so it comes as no surprise that another relationship has crashed and burned in the CBS procedural. This time, it’s Special Agent Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym) and Special Agent […]

The Challenge Recap: This Game Is (Still) Ugly — Plus, Who Earned the Last Gold Skull for the Guys?

RELATED STORIES Apparently some of The Challenge‘s rookies didn’t get the memo: This game is ugly. On Wednesday’s episode, Olympian Lolo Jones got into a heated exchange following the daily challenge, while Amber M. grew suspicious of one of her closest allies, Amber B. Why is everyone so shocked when their competition turns shady? (Beats […]

The Bachelor Recap: Big Goodbyes, New Villains and a Clear Frontrunner

RELATED STORIES The previews leading up to this Monday night’s installment of The Bachelor certainly made it seem like Matt James planned to get rid of the show’s bad apples. After watching Matt choose Season 25 villain, Victoria, over much nicer contestants week after week, it felt like all of her slights, verbal jabs and […]

mixed-ish Recap: Bourne Identity Crisis

RELATED STORIES Cultural appropriation and an identity crisis take center stage in Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere of mixed-ish. Johan was called a “really bad name” at school which, according to Rainbow, is so horrible, it doesn’t bear repeating. Paul and Alicia assume it’s that word and immediately try to comfort their son until they realize […]