With iOS 16, you can ‘favorite’ artists in Apple Music to easily see their music and new releases — here’s how to do it

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iOS 16 lets you "favorite" artists to better track them in Apple Music.

  • You can now add your favorite artists to Apple Music for easier browsing and to get notifications about new releases.
  • To add a favorite, tap the Star icon on the artist's page.
  • You can find a list of all your favorite artists on the Listen Now page.

If you use music services like Spotify and Tidal, you may appreciate the way you can add artists as favorites, which makes it easy to quickly browse to music you want to listen to. Starting in iOS 16, you can add favorite artists in Apple Music as well. When you set a favorite artist, you can find them quickly on the Listen Now tab as well as get notifications about new releases. 

To use favorites in Apple Music, your iPhone needs to be running iOS 16 or later. You should check your version of iOS and update your iPhone if needed.

How to add your favorite artists in Apple Music

1. Start the Apple Music app.

2. Tap Search at the bottom of the page and then tap the Apple Music tab at the top.

The Apple Music app on iPhone.
Search or browse for the artist you want to make a favorite.

3. Search for the name of an artist you want to favorite and tap in the search results when it appears. 

4. Tap the Star icon at the top of the page. 

The Apple Music app on iPhone.
On the artist's page, tap the Star icon to make it a favorite.

If this is the first time you're adding a favorite, you might see a window asking if you want to be notified about new releases from your favorite artists. If you do, tap Turn On.  

How to see your favorites in Apple Music

Once you add a few artists as favorites, you might want to use this list of artists as a way to quickly browse for music. To see your favorites, tap Listen Now at the bottom of the screen and then scroll down to the Favorite Artists section. You can tap an artist if you see what you're looking for, or tap Favorite Artists and browse the complete list. 

The Apple Music app on iPhone.
Apple Music shows you all your favorite artists on the Listen Now page, though you may need to scroll a ways down the page to find it.

How to remove favorite artists from Apple Music

It's entirely possible to favorite an artist by mistake or get bored with their music and decide you'd like to remove the artist from your list of favorites. Removing a favorite is essentially the same as marking a favorite, only in reverse.

First, find the favorite artist you want to remove. You can do this by using the Search icon or by browsing via the Favorite Artists section on the Listen Now page. Once you've arrived on the artist's page, tap the Star icon at the top. The star should be deselected and the artist will be removed from your list of favorites.

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