SNL Tackles Our Murder Shows Obsession — Watch Music Video

RELATED STORIES Saturday Night Live knows exactly how you spend your Saturday nights… besides watching SNL, of course. During this weekend’s Nick Jonas-hosted episode, the sketch comedy series set its sights on the widely popular obsession with murder shows. In the music video, a husband (played by Jonas) heads out for the evening, leaving his […]

South Park Tackles the Coronavirus, Police Defunding and More in Utterly Insane Pandemic Special — Grade It

RELATED STORIES For months, South Park fans have wondered how the Comedy Central staple would tackle the current state of the world. After Wednesday’s pandemic special, they finally have their answer — and it’s horrifying. Naturally, everyone in South Park takes a slightly different approach to the pandemic. Randy sees it as a business opportunity, […]

Filthy Rich EP Tackles Series Premiere’s Biggest Twist, Addresses the Sexual Elephant in the Room — Grade It!

If you look up “guilty pleasure” in the dictionary, you’re likely to find a picture of Kim Cattrall glamorously burning a Southern mansion to the ground, then walking away ever so slowly while whispering, “Rot in hell.” Coincidentally, that’s also how we meet her character in Monday’s premiere of the new Fox drama Filthy Rich. […]

Adventure Time: Distant Lands EP Tackles Our Burning ‘BMO’ Questions, Including the Identity of ‘Mr. M’

RELATED STORIES Like one of the Ooo’s fateful Catalyst Comets, the first Adventure Time: Distant Lands special landed on HBO Max last month (click here to read our recap!), affording us 45 more minutes of quality time with everyone’s favorite talking video game console. As is the case with most Adventure Time offerings, however, “BMO” […]

Station 19 Boss Tackles 6 Burning Qs

Just call her TGIT’s new firestarter. Former Grey’s Anatomy co-showrunner Stacy Mckee delivers her first original Shondaland series tonight with the debut of the firefighter-centric spinoff series Station 19 (9/8c, ABC). Below, the exec — who launched her Shondaland career 14 years ago as an assistant on Grey’s — tackles a half-dozen burning (get it?) questions […]

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Tackles a New Character — and We've Got Clues!

Before this season of Supernatural is over, Jensen Ackles will be taking on a character other than Dean Winchester — and at the show’s PaleyFest event on Tuesday, TVLine gathered hints that it will be someone familiar to longtime fans. RELATEDSupernatural Meets Scooby-Doo: Dean Woos Daphne, Sam Scares Velma and Cas Saves Shaggy in 27 […]

USC’s Creating Reality hackathon tackles AR/VR projects starting March 12

Don’t be surprised if you’re strolling by the University of Southern California campus and you see see 400 people decked out in virtual reality headsets next week. The university is hosting Creating Reality, its first VR/AR hackathon. It’s a four-day event that’s sponsored by USC, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T, and HP. It will…Read More

Fifty Shades Jane Fonda shock: New movie tackles spanking, viagra and sex

The Hollywood icon may be 80 years old but she outclassed and outgunned women half and even a quarter her age on the Oscars red carpet at the weekend. She was stunning and sexy in a Balamin white sheath and will be turning that sex appeal to good use in her upcoming new movie. Riffing […]

Sonaria tackles the challenges of VR music and sound design

The Pollen Music Group has done sound design and composed the music for over two dozen virtual reality films now, including Glen Keane’s Duet and Patrick Osborne’s Pearl, which is the first VR film to be nominated for an Academy Award. Most recently, it created Sonaria, a VR experience for the Google Spotlight Stories platform. Partnering with Chromosphere, it’s […]