Adventure Time: Distant Lands EP Tackles Our Burning ‘BMO’ Questions, Including the Identity of ‘Mr. M’

RELATED STORIES Like one of the Ooo’s fateful Catalyst Comets, the first Adventure Time: Distant Lands special landed on HBO Max last month (click here to read our recap!), affording us 45 more minutes of quality time with everyone’s favorite talking video game console. As is the case with most Adventure Time offerings, however, “BMO” […]

NASA releases sharpest-ever images of distant Kuiper Belt object

The mysterious Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 now exists as more than a generic-looking blob. NASA has posted its sharpest-ever images of the object, captured a relatively close 4,109 miles away at 12:33AM on January 1st. While scientists already knew some details about MU69 before now, such as its unusual two-part ‘pancake’ shape, these higher-quality […]

New Horizons snags image of distant Kuiper Belt target a month early

After NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft collected a trove of data from its six-month-long flyby of Pluto, it set its sights on a much smaller object in the Kuiper Belt — an object dubbed 2014 MU69. Scientists believe MU69 will likely be a rather preserved outer solar system object, one that could provide clues as to […]

Wonder Wheel review: An unfunny melodrama that leaves Allen's classics distant memories

Now he might need to beam his films into outer space to find a receptive audience. Wonder Wheel is his 49th film as a director and, with old sexual assault accusations resurfacing among the #MeToo’ protests, it is rumoured his 50th, A Rainy Day In New York, won’t be released. And there’s nothing remotely funny […]

A syphilis-ridden mummy in Switzerland is a distant ancestor of Boris Johnson

Reuters/SRF A well-preserved mummy in Basel, Switzerland, has long been a mystery. New analysis has found her identity: Anna Catharina Bischoff, an 18th-century clergyman’s wife, and distant ancestor of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. She’s his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother. Her body is so well-preserved because of mercury used to treat her syphilis. A mummy whose corpse […]

Google researchers use AI to spot distant exoplanets

Hunting for exoplanets is a very data-intensive and time-consuming task. Sifting through piles of data to find subtle signs of distant planets takes quite a lot of work, but researchers at Google have been developing a way to use AI to make the process faster and more effective. NASA’s Kepler mission spent four years focused […]

Ancestry Non-Shocker: Larry David and Bernie Sanders are Distant Cousins

Throughout the three seasons of Henry Louis Gates Jr.,’s PBS series Finding Your Roots, the author and historian has used family ancestry research to track familial connections for celebrities (and between them), with some surprising results. But few of the show’s revelations have been as predictable as that of last night’s fourth season premiere: that […]

The White House is reportedly starting to prepare for the distant possibility of impeachment proceedings

Getty Images/Pool White House attorneys are said to be researching impeachment procedures, CNN reported Friday, amid an avalanche of unflattering news hitting President Donald Trump’s White House. Officials at the White House have called a Trump impeachment a “distant” and “unlikely” possibility, according to CNN justice correspondent Evan Pérez, who cited two people briefed on […]

Saturn and Jupiter’s moon burps bode well for distant life

Scientists recently took a closer look at data over a decade old and concluded that two moons orbiting Saturn and Jupiter might have environments that foster life. During an October 2015 flyby of the ringed planet’s moon Enceladus, the probe Cassini was hit by gaseous plume, which was likely a hydrothermal vent breaking through the […]