Diabetes is really five different diseases, not just Types 1 & 2 – study

New research suggests that diabetes may actually be five different diseases rather than two separate types as previously thought. The new findings could change how people are treated for the disorder. A study, published in the journal The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, has revealed five new subgroups of diabetes, each genetically distinct from one another. […]

Testosterone may protect men from autoimmune diseases

Enlarge / Strong man is strong. (credit: Lauren Mitchell / Flickr) Testosterone. Source of prostates and testes, muscles and machismo, chest hair, and according to some, even math skills. Its levels are only one of the biological differences between males and females, but they may help to explain another: the discrepancies in the incidence of […]

Deadly Victorian diseases make a return from obscurity, but why now?

GETTY Many 19th century diseases were wiped out, but many seem to be making a worrying return And while immunisation and treatments mean outbreaks are contained before they become the uncontrollable killers they once were, it is still alarming to see Victorian diseases in the headlines.  Among the maladies currently having a resurgence are: Rickets […]