Fifty Shades: Why Jamie Dornan likely made ‘a fortune’ from movies with Dakota Johnson

Charlie Hunnam was originally set to play Christian Grey in the erotic trilogy, before he bowed out of the role due to an overloaded schedule. But in a new interview, he’s revealed that the money he would have made from taking the role alongside Dakota Johnson would have been “so much”. That job – and, […]

Jamie Dornan: Fifty Shades Freed sex scenes with Dakota Johnson win bizarre PRIZE

The actor, who played Christian Grey in the trilogy, was one of the winners at the recent Manatomy Awards – otherwise known as the “naked Oscars”. It seems his sex scenes with co-star Dakota Johnson have given him a rather bizarre new accolade to add to his CV: Best Butt. According to The Sun, his […]

Fifty Shades Freed Dakota Johnson reveals CATWOMAN bombshell: WATCH

Could the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffiths swap S&M games for the PVC and leather of DC’s sexiest superhero? Dakota Johnson is currently starring in the terrifying and controversial horror movie Suspiria, from Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guardagnino. Robbie and Warner Bros are still in the early stages of casting […]

Dakota Johnson reveals Fifty Shades secret: She juggled Jamie Dornan sex scenes with THIS

The latter movie is a divisive horror remake, set to leave audiences seriously unsettled when it releases later this year. It sees Johnson playing a dancer, and the training for it was so intense that she had to begin it six months prior to filming. During those six months, she was working with Jamie Dornan […]

Fifty Shades Freed DVD Blu-ray UNRATED version: Jamie Dornan FULL FRONTAL? Gallery here

The new version will whip fans into a frenzy. After all the shocking things that have been shown exploring the wilder side of sex and sadomasochism, one little thing remains hidden. Well, not so little if the actor himself is to be believed. The new home entertainment packages will include a host of deleted scenes, […]

Fifty Shades Freed's Dakota Johnson admits new movie without Jamie Dornan ‘f**ked me up’

Johnson earned big acclaim in the erotic trilogy, despite the films themselves being widely panned by critics. Now, with those Jamie Dornan co-starring efforts behind her, attention turns to her next release: Suspiria, which has recently wrapped production. Directed by Luca Guadagnino and co-starring Tilda Swinton and Chloe Grace Moretz, it’s a reboot of the […]

Fifty Shades Freed: Jamie Dornan reveals anger at WORST moment NAKED

The Irish star has had plenty of blush-inducing moments on the big screen over the past few years. His three movies as Christian Grey presented him as a sexually voracious and uninhibted S&M master. He even filmed full-frontal scenes that fans are hoping will make it onto the home entertainment DVD and Blu-ray packages. However, […]

Fifty Shades Freed: Jamie Dornan reveals what he REALLY thought of Dakota Johnson

The erotic movie – filmed concurrently with predecessor Fifty Shades Darker – sees Dornan and Johnson playing Christian Grey and Ana Steele for the final time. The film fared well at the box office, helping push the overall trilogy to over $ 1.2 billion in takings. Speaking in an official interview for the movie, shared […]

Fifty Shades Freed: Great news for Dakota Johnson – as she leaves Jamie Dornan behind

Johnson earned rave reviews across the Fifty Shades trilogy – far more, in fact, than her co-star Jamie Dornan. But it’s out with Dornan and in with the new for her next thriller, in which she will play opposite Armie Hammer. Hammer, 31, is in the midst of something of a career resurgence lately, following […]

Fifty Shades Freed: Dakota Johnson reveals what’s ‘so annoying’, ‘rude’ about Jamie Dornan

Luckily the actress was only kidding when she referred to her Fifty Shades Freed co-star as “rude” – and it’s a perfect example of the jovial rapport the two actors clearly have with one another. Speaking on Good Morning America in promotion of the movie, she was talking about the film’s risqué sex scenes – […]