Masked Singer: New Clues About Crab, Chameleon, the Wild Cards and More

When is a Masked Singer wild card not a wild card? When he’s actually host Nick Cannon, pulling a fast one on judges and the audience alike! That’s precisely what took place in Wednesday’s episode, when a wild card contestant named Bulldog wound up getting the short end of the fetching stick: He was chosen by […]

The Masked Singer: Fresh Clues About Piglet, Black Swan and More

As much as we mocked The Masked Singer‘s (over)use of the phrase “game changing,” we’ve got to hand it to the reality series: The wild card contestants really are shaking things up — in a fun way — in Season 5. Exhibit A: Crab’s entrance in Wednesday’s episode, much like Orca’s the week before, injected a […]

The Masked Singer: The Latest Clues About Chameleon, Piglet and More

Phoenix, you flew too close to the sun. This week’s Masked Singer saw the introduction — and then, swiftly, the departure — of a competitor dressed like one of the fiery birds of myth. And when Phoenix was separated from its crowning plumage, we found out that Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner was responsible for […]

The Masked Singer: The First Clues About Seashell, Raccoon and More

The Masked Singer is back for another season, and you know what that means: It’s time to put on your who-could-possibly-be-under-those-giant-foam-heads hats! Wednesday’s premiere introduced us to five of Season 5’s competitors: Russian Doll, Seashell, Raccoon, Snail and Porcupine Robopine. And even before this “game-changing” season started in on its twists — aka the previously […]

The Masked Dancer’s Final Five: All the Latest Clues for Tulip, Sloth and More

Only five anonymous celebrities remain in The Masked Dancer‘s competition — and if our prediction is correct, this isn’t the first time Cotton Candy has been part of an elite Final Five. After her three impressive dance routines on the Fox series thus far, we feel confident in our guess that the petite Cotton Candy is […]

The Masked Singer: Dragon ‘given away’ as Game of Thrones star in clues judges missed

Dragon has had the ITV judging panel and viewers at home guessing for weeks now following their debut on The Masked Singer. After wowing with their performance of S Club smash Reach, Dragon had viewers cheering once more on Saturday with their rendition of All By Myself. But while the judges’ guesses ended up being […]

The Masked Dancer: The First Clues for Zebra, Sloth, Cotton Candy and More

Five more celebrities made their Masked Dancer debuts on Wednesday, but it was Ice Cube who got the cold shoulder from the studio audience. Despite giving the choreography his all (and rocking all of that bedazzled denim), Ice Cube was eliminated and unmasked at the end of Episode 2, revealing himself to be TV host Bill […]

The Masked Singer: All the Latest Clues on Season 4’s Final 3

And just like that, the Super Six has become the Final Three. The Masked Singer axed three (!) performers from its competition Wednesday, halving the playing field down to just a trio of survivors. Despite turning in numbers that, as the judges noted, likely would’ve made them the winners of any other season, the three […]

Masked Singer: All the Clues You Need Heading Into the Thanksgiving Episode

You may not be able to gather together with family and friends this Thanksgiving, but look on the bright side: Your Masked Singer friends will be there for you — on a different night — to ease the sting of this atypical holiday. And hey, they’re already masked! This week’s episode saw the season’s first double elimination. […]

The Masked Singer: The Freshest Clues About Sun, Seahorse, Serpent and More

Do not ask for hoooot the bell tolls: On this week’s The Masked Singer, it tolled for Snow Owls, the show’s first duo act. The paired warblers turned in a lovely performance of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s “The Prayer,” but found themselves relegated to facing Popcorn in the Smackdown round, nevertheless. Their do-or-die song […]