Masked Singer: All the Season 3 Clues Needed to Prepare You for the Finale

The big game was taken outta the big game when The Masked Singer ousted Rhino in Wednesday’s semifinals. (Read a full recap.) And now, there are only three competitors left vying for the Golden Mask and Season 3 glory. But what do we really know about Frog, Night Angel and Turtle after all of these […]

The Masked Singer on FOX: Fans stunned as Frog changes singing style in shock semi final

Meanwhile, fans had nothing but positivity for this week’s guest judge, comedian and Saturday Night Live star Jay Pharoah. One fan commented: “Jay Pharaoh is quickly rising up the ranks of my favorite people with every impression.” Now the end of the current season is in sight, speculation continues regarding the secret identities of the […]

The Masked Singer: All the Clues You Need to Figure Out the Final Four

There are three Masked Singer episodes left in Season 3: Do you have your guesses locked down yet? If not, no worries. All season long, TVLine has been paying rapt attention to every episode and clocking every clue, then compiling them into the gallery below. And not to toot our own masked horn, but we’ve been […]

Latest Masked Singer Castoff Talks Jarring First Run-Through: ‘Everything Was a Disco Ball’

Season 3 of The Masked Singer was one small step for Astronaut, but a giant leap for the man inside the shiny suit: singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes, who left the show Wednesday. (Read a full recap.) Taking part in the oddball music competition “gave me the chance to live two lives at once,” says Hayes, the wunderkind […]

Fox’s The Masked Singer: After the Mask Premiere: Grade the Aftershow!

We hope you’ve got a high tolerance for rehashed clip packages and Zoom-style digital hangouts, because it’s time for The Masked Singer‘s first-ever aftershow! The Masked Singer: After the Mask featured the reality competition’s host, Nick Cannon, standing in front of a green screen somewhere (his home?) and chatting remotely with various Masked judges and former contestants. […]

New Masked Singer Castoff: If 1990 Me Saw 2020 Me Performing in a [Spoiler] Costume, Here’s What He’d Say

Just like every rose has its thorn, every episode of The Masked Singer must end with one of the costumed competitors doffing his or her helmet-like mask. And at the end of this Wednesday’s show, Banana had to split. (Read a full recap of the episode.) The singer inside the big yellow fruit suit? Poison frontman/Celebrity […]

The Masked Singer on FOX: Kitty to be unmasked as Golden Globe-nominee?

Recently Reddit user and The Masked Singer fan ghostfaceinspace recently suggested: “Joey King?” Backing up their suggestion, they went on: “She’s 5’4, was bullied in school as a kid. “Born and raised in L.A. where they film, did a few horror films as a kid/teen (Wish Upon, Conjuring, Slender Man) “Idk the Dangerous Woman performance […]

The Masked Singer: Up-to-the-Minute Clues About Turtle, Banana & Co.

There are just seven competitors left in The Masked Singer‘s third season and in the coming weeks, as Prince foretold, we’ll watch them fall. But first, we’ve got to figure out who they are. This past Wednesday’s episode of Fox’s musical reality show included the return of the Smackdown round, which pitted Kangaroo against Astronaut; […]

Masked Singer: The Freshest Clues — and a Brand-New Theory About Kitty

Don’t ever say we don’t adore you, TVLiners. Your astute observations and keen senses of deduction have made writing about The Masked Singer a treat for the past three seasons. And this week, you really came through in a big way. After Wednesday’s episode, one particularly observant member of our reading audience put together quite the […]

The Masked Singer: All the Clues You Need Heading Into the Super Nine

This week, The Masked Singer will bring the Super Nine together for the very first time in Season 3. And you know what that means: Time to get your guesses in order. Last week’s episode saw the departure of T-Rex, who turned out to be Dance Moms alum/YouTube star JoJo Siwa. (Read a recap.) This Wednesday’s double […]