Masked Singer’s Latest Castoff Drew His Inspiration From Steven Tyler’s Appearance on Two and a Half Men

In retrospect, we should’ve guessed this week’s un-Masked Singer. After all, the guy has 400 — no, that’s not a typo — acting credits to his name. So we’re slightly ashamed that we didn’t realize that Danny Trejo — whom you may know from TV shows as varied as The Flash, From Dusk Til Dawn: […]

Neighbours spoilers: Tyler’s dad Hamish’s REAL plan EXPOSED, as Matt Wilson spills all

Fact: Soap operas are older than television itself. History tells us that soaps were actually “serialised dramas” broadcast on radio before they hit the small screens. The name was a result of many soap brands advertising on the daytime programs as they were on air when homemakers were doing the washing. Audiences would enjoy going […]