Masked Singer: New Clues About Crab, Chameleon, the Wild Cards and More

When is a Masked Singer wild card not a wild card? When he’s actually host Nick Cannon, pulling a fast one on judges and the audience alike! That’s precisely what took place in Wednesday’s episode, when a wild card contestant named Bulldog wound up getting the short end of the fetching stick: He was chosen by […]

The Masked Singer: The Latest Clues About Chameleon, Piglet and More

Phoenix, you flew too close to the sun. This week’s Masked Singer saw the introduction — and then, swiftly, the departure — of a competitor dressed like one of the fiery birds of myth. And when Phoenix was separated from its crowning plumage, we found out that Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner was responsible for […]

2017 Ford Fusion: A Chameleon Tested in Depth

– The Ford Fusion has so many available configurations that it practically defies classification. Is it a budget family car? A sports sedan in disguise? An entry-luxury competitor? An efficient hybrid? The answer is all four—and none of the above. By offering so many variations on its theme, the Fusion falls short of excellence. Competitors […]