‘Spy mania’: Moscow summons Norwegian envoy over ‘absurd’ detention of Russian man

Moscow has lodged a “strong protest” with Norway after the arrest of a Russian Senate employee who took part in a parliamentary event in Oslo. The “absurd” spy charges are part of the West’s “spy mania,” the Foreign Ministry said. The ministry has demanded an explanation from the Norwegian ambassador Rune Resaland over the arrest […]

Foreign Influence? Europe Tilts Even Further Into SUV Mania; Diesel Popularity Plummets

The continent that spawned microscopic postwar bubble cars and made the “city car” segment a thing is moving ever further away from its automotive past. European buyers, perhaps influenced by their American counterparts, are beginning to realize they truly can have it all, adjusting their buying habits accordingly. Of course, by “all,” we mean all […]

WWE RAW after WrestleMania: Braun Strowman relinquishes tag titles after SHOCK Mania win

Strowman shocked the world with the way that he won the championships against former title-holders Cesaro and Sheamus at WrestleMania. The Monster Among Men was told he needs a partner in order to challenge The Bar for the belts. Strowman then picked a kid from the audience to team up with him and practically won […]

Sega announces Sonic Mania Plus, hints at new Sonic “racing” game

AUSTIN, Texas—Sega hosted a South By Southwest 2018 panel about all things Sonic the Hedgehog, and the panel began with good news for anyone wanting a physical version of last year’s tremendous 2D throwback, Sonic Mania. Their wishes will be granted in the form of Sonic Mania Plus, a physical release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, […]

Sonic Mania Plus makes two of the franchise’s most obscure characters playable again

Have you heard of SegaSonic the Hedgehog? Unless you’re a huge Sonic fan, you probably haven’t. It was a 1993 arcade game that only came out in Japan. It had three players using trackballs to control Sonic and two new characters, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. But thanks to Sonic Mania Plus, […]

The blockchain ‘name game’ is just getting started — and it echoes dot-com mania

Long Island Iced Tea The number of public companies adding “blockchain” to their name, or announcing a pivot to blockchain technologies, will surge in 2018, says Autonomous Research. The firm’s forecast is based on a comparison to the dot-com bubble, which saw a similar phenomenon as companies tried to ride the Internet wave. You’d think […]

The cryptocurrency mania is the most fascinating financial phenomenon I’ve ever seen

Wolf Richter with Jim Goddard on “This Week in Money“: The piquant irony: My ruminations were recorded on Wednesday, before the stupendous crypto-crash on Friday when some of the things we’d discussed two days earlier actually occurred. Youtube Embed:http://www.youtube.com/embed/tGARD4AI7_4Width: 560pxHeight: 315px And here’s what happened on crypto-crash day. You’ll get whiplash just from watching. Read…  Cryptocurrencies […]

Can cryptocurrency mania end like Wall Street Crash of 1929?

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market plunged by almost a third this week. What could this mean for the future of digital money? Analysts, polled by RT are divided on the matter. Read more “Despite the declared advantages of cryptocurrencies (security, anonymity, and de-regulation), the same pros have become cons that the currency should not have,” […]

Bitcoin has surpassed Dutch Tulip Mania as biggest bubble ever

Published time: 13 Dec, 2017 09:30 Virtual currency bitcoin has officially become the largest bubble in history, eclipsing the notorious “Tulip Mania,” the speculative bubble that shook the Dutch economy before it collapsed in 1637. According to analysts Howard Wang and Robert Wu from Convoy Investments, the bitcoin price has “gone up over 17 times […]

SEC head Jay Clayton weighs in on cryptocurrency mania

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid SEC chairman Jay Clayton weighed in on the crypto-mania sweeping Wall Street in a statement Monday. Clayton warned investors about threats associated with cryptocurrencies and ICOs, a crypto-based fundraising method. Jay Clayton, the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Committee, weighed in on the crypto-mania sweeping Wall Street in a statement Monday. […]