Google Maps: Have scientists solved this baffling phenomenon in Death Valley?

Google Maps street view is a useful tool in unearthing the world’s strangest and often unexplained natural phenomenon’s. Besides from it’s more practical mapping and planning ability, Google users have taken to the internet to explore areas of the globe that would otherwise be unreachable. This weird yet wonderful natural phenomenon has sparked recent interest […]

WATCH: Shocking four-year phenomenon caught on camera as glacier collapses

Located in the Los Glaciares National Park in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina, the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of Argentina’s most attractive tourist hotspots. Unlike the majority of glaciers, the Perito glacier is still growing and is currently 19 miles long and 240 feet high. Every four years, tourists are treated to an […]

Strange phenomenon under Africa threatens to flip Earth’s magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field is decaying at such a rapid rate that scientists think the poles may flip. New research shows the most significant weakening is happening under Africa, in an area called the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly.’ As well as giving us our north and south poles, the magnetic field blankets the Earth, protecting it from […]

Google Maps: What is the Eye of the Sahara? Creepy natural phenomenon remains a mystery

Google Maps was created in 2005 to open up the world to people from their computer. It has since captured some of the weirdest and unsolved mysteries of the world. One of those is the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara which is found near Ouadane in Sahara. But where it […]

Google Maps: ‘Door to Hell’ phenomenon has burned for 40 years – and no one knows why

Google Maps Street View is one way that Britons who can’t afford to travel can see the glove. There are various strange and mysterious sights all over the globe, and this is one of them. The Darvaza Gas Crater is also known as the “Door to Hell”, a rather frightening name. The site in the […]

The cryptocurrency mania is the most fascinating financial phenomenon I’ve ever seen

Wolf Richter with Jim Goddard on “This Week in Money“: The piquant irony: My ruminations were recorded on Wednesday, before the stupendous crypto-crash on Friday when some of the things we’d discussed two days earlier actually occurred. Youtube Embed: 560pxHeight: 315px And here’s what happened on crypto-crash day. You’ll get whiplash just from watching. Read…  Cryptocurrencies […]

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker mercilessly MOCKED as viewers spot curious phenomenon

The 40-year-old BBC favourite was joined by his co-host Louise Minchin, 49, as they took their places on the BBC Breakfast sofa to report today’s headlines. Dan opted for an eye-catching bright blue suit, looking particularly dapper, but it wasn’t long before fans spotted something rather entertaining about his outfit. Several took to Twitter to […]