The 29 best horror books to stock up on for a spooky, creepy fall

These are some of the best horror books to read in 2022, from Stephen King classics to thrilling new releases. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider Great horror novels can be scary, thrilling, or grotesque.  These books include Stephen King classics and new releases.  These horror picks make great gifts and late-night reads. If you crave the skin-crawling, […]

Unsolved Mysteries: Prepare Yourself for the Return of Creepy Casefiles (and That Theme Song!) in Netflix Reboot

The stories in Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot are new. The sense of delicious dread you feel when you hear the unsettling intro music… is not. That’s part of the reason why the reboot of the 1980s-’90s nonfiction series, which makes its debut Wednesday on the streaming service, feels so much of a piece with its […]

Der verschmähte OkCupid-Verehrer ist sauer, dass über seinen creepy Anruf geschrieben wurde

Letzte Woche berichtete Designerin Ashley Winkler auf Twitter, dass ein potenzieller Kunde sich am Telefon als Verehrer von OkCupid entpuppt hatte. Und allem Anschein nach ist Marcel damit überhaupt nicht zufrieden, denn er habe sie zurückgerufen, erzählt Winkler auf Twitter. Laut der Designerin wähnt Marcel sich im Recht und will sie bestraft sehen. „Er war […]

Diese Frau ignorierte einen OkCupid-Typen, bis er sie unter falschem Vorwand anrief, was maximal creepy ist

Ashley Winkler ist Designerin und arbeitet selbstständig. Über ihre Webseite kannst du sie kontaktieren, um sie für Projekt zu engagieren. Ashley Winkler Also war’s erstmal nicht ungewöhnlich, als ein Mann sie mit einer unbekannten Nummer anrief, um mit ihr ein Projekt zu besprechen. Ungewöhnlich seien allerdings die Fragen gewesen, die er irgendwann gestellt hat, wie […]

Google Maps Street View: Something terrifying has happened to this VERY creepy man

Google Maps Street View has captured a very strange looking man in a creepy shot. He looks like a normal human being from the neck down but something seems to have gone very wrong with his face. He is balding and has white hair on the back and sides of his head. But that’s not […]

Google Maps Street View: What is this VERY creepy figure up to with this woman?

Google Maps Street View has captured a worryingly sinister sight in a shop in Westerham, Kent. There appears to be a really creepy looking figure which looks to have taken over the store as is dealing with anther woman. The spectacle is chilling as the face of the figure is far from that of a human. […]

‘Antlers’ Set Photo Previews a Creepy Fire-Breathing Creature

In early October, Fox Searchlight announced the start of shooting for the horror-thriller Antlers, a mysterious project produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Scott Cooper (Hostiles). The film stars Keri Russell in her first major horror feature role, as well as Jesse Plemons and young actor Jeremy T. Thomas. The production remains under an intriguing veil of secrecy, except for […]

Uber’s new sexual harassment report asks you to play a game in which you match a creepy story with its new categories of inappropriate behaviour

Sergio Perez / Reuters Uber detailed 21 new categories of sexual misconduct and assault it is going to adopt in its reporting. The report outlining the categories contains a “mix-and-match” exercise in which readers match creepy stories of misconduct and assault to the company’s new categories. Uber has come under fire in the past for […]