WATCH: Passengers shocked by woman's behaviour while waiting for flight

A video has gone viral after a passenger’s angry antics at an airport were caught on camera. Passenger Tamiko Warner was unhappy while travelling through Memphis International Airport. After getting upset over a baggage fee, according to another passenger, she started to damage the waiting area. What she did next shocked many of the other […]

WATCH: Disgusting secret footage exposes grim behaviour of cleaners in luxury hotels

China hotels have come under fire after secret footage filmed in the five-star establishments showed the shocking methods used by the cleaners. The 12-minute-long footage, filmed on secret cameras, has gone viral after being uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo. It shows hotel cleaners using dirty towels and flannels to wipe down surfaces in […]

Uber’s new sexual harassment report asks you to play a game in which you match a creepy story with its new categories of inappropriate behaviour

Sergio Perez / Reuters Uber detailed 21 new categories of sexual misconduct and assault it is going to adopt in its reporting. The report outlining the categories contains a “mix-and-match” exercise in which readers match creepy stories of misconduct and assault to the company’s new categories. Uber has come under fire in the past for […]

Hidden camera reveals trampoline parks ignoring dangerous behaviour

Since the first trampoline park in Canada opened in 2011, others have been popping up across the country — and with them comes the risk of serious injury. Marketplace visited 12 trampoline parks across the country to see what was being done to mitigate risks to minors in this unregulated industry.

The Chase: Bradley Walsh hits out at Anne Hegerty over 'unnecessary' behaviour 'Stop!'

The moment unfolded as Bradley Walsh explained to a contestant on The Chase why he agreed with the answer she had picked. As the camera cut to Anne she could be seen suppressing a laugh in the Chaser’s seat on the ITV quiz. Bradley, 57, spotted her trying to stifle a giggle and swiftly called […]

French gaming studio Quantic Dream said allegations of inappropriate behaviour are a media smear campaign

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images The heads of PlayStation-focused French development studio Quantic Dream, David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, have been accused of fostering an unhealthy environment by three separate reports in the media. Quantic Dream immediately took distance from the reports, denying the allegations. The studio has now released a new statement, in which it […]

The heads of one of the biggest video game studios have been accused of inappropriate behaviour

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images French publications Le Monde, Canard PC, and Mediapart have separately published reports in which they depict an unhealthy environment at Quantic Dream, a game development studio close to Sony and PlayStation. Anonymous employees mentioned the heads of Quantic Dream, David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, in particular, describing a series of inappropriate […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Fans in uproar over unusual behaviour 'What's she carrying?'

The 70-year-old has been no stranger to speaking her mind and sharing her annoyance with her living environment on the Channel 5 reality series, but tonight she was seen getting a makeover and seeming to get involved in the fun for once.  Following an awkward evening conducting face-to-face nominations, as the drinks began to flow, […]