Channel 4 backlash: Prince Philip death snubbed as viewers brand schedule ‘disgusting’

With Emmerdale and Coronation street off-air, ITV will instead broadcast a two-hour long special programme titled Prince Philip: Fondly Remembered from 7pm. And from 9pm, Prince Philip: A Royal Life front by correspondent Chris Ship will air. The BBC released the following statement in regards to its schedule in the wake of Prince Philip’s death. […]

Rachel Riley: ‘It’s disgusting’ Labour MP apologises as star addresses anti-semitism

Last night’s Peston saw host Robert Peston quiz Rachel Riley on online bullying and her views on antisemitism in the Labour Party. As she did so, Labour MP Gloria said she was “sorry” for “antisemitism” in the party. Robert asked: “Rachel, I’ve got to put this to you, obviously you’ve led a very powerful campaign […]

Flight secrets: Former cabin crew reveals disgusting thing one passenger did

Flights see cabin crew working hard to attend to the needs of the passengers on a plane. Sometimes travellers can expect a bit too much of the flight attendants, a former airline employee has revealed. Former air steward Elliott Hester explained one story he had been told by a female flight attendant. He made the […]

WATCH: Disgusting moment plane passenger urinates in the middle of the aisle

Flights will always have at least two toilets available to passengers yet one passenger decided to not bother using either bathroom. A horrifying viral video has captured the man urinating in the middle of the plane. The revolting clip from an unidentified Russian flight shows him standing up in his aisle seat. A pile of […]

Cruise liner to power ship using DISGUSTING product to reduce cabin emissions

Cruise liner Hurtigruten have revealed their newest endeavours to reduce their carbon footprint. Cruises are notoriously bad for the environment, emitting sulphur oxide which damages the sea and atmosphere. Many companies have announced plans to remove plastic straws and single-use plastic on their ships in the next decade. Hurtigruten announced they planned to replace fuel […]

WATCH: Disgusting secret footage exposes grim behaviour of cleaners in luxury hotels

China hotels have come under fire after secret footage filmed in the five-star establishments showed the shocking methods used by the cleaners. The 12-minute-long footage, filmed on secret cameras, has gone viral after being uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo. It shows hotel cleaners using dirty towels and flannels to wipe down surfaces in […]

WATCH: Woman spotted doing this disgusting activity on a plane – what would you do?

A very surprising viral video has captured a woman carry out a very bizarre activity on a plane. She is doing something most people would only ever do in private. But the plane passenger shows no shame for the unorthodox action. The woman is drying a pair of pants under the air vent on the […]

The 14 most repulsive dishes in Sweden’s new Disgusting Food Museum

Anja Barte Telin / The Disgusting Food Museum One of the most unappealing museums in the world has just opened in Malmö, Sweden — for members of the public who are brave enough to visit, that is. The Disgusting Food Museum features such delicacies as bull penis (pictured above), spicy rabbit heads, mouse wine, and […]

Taste the World’s Grossest Cuisines at This Disgusting New Museum

Taste the World’s Grossest Cuisines at This Disgusting New Museum Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does […]

WATCH: Shocking moment woman does this disgusting activity mid-flight goes viral

Flights aren’t known for being the most hygienic way to spend a few hours – but one plane passenger has been spotted making a trip very repulsive indeed. A disturbing viral video has filmed a female flier carrying out a grim activity that should only ever be done in private. Sitting in the window seat of […]