Pilots were sent a mid-flight bulletin offering them a choice on whether to announce the Queen’s death to passengers

The note was issued through the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. Pier Marco Tacca / Contributor / Getty Images Europe Some pilots were sent a mid-flight bulletin announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday afternoon. The note offered pilots a choice on whether to announce the news to passengers on board.  The […]

WATCH: Cabin crew shocked when a customer surprises her with this mid-flight

An Emirates flight attendant couldn’t believe her eyes when something very surprising indeed happened while she was working. All the cabin crew and customers on board joined in to create a very magical moment. The flight attendant, called Vittoria, was treated to a romantic proposal by her boyfriend Stefano. Emirates shared a video of the […]

Flight secrets: Can a plane door really be opened mid-flight? Pilot reveals the truth

Flights and how planes really work are a mystery to the majority of aircraft passengers. One questions many people ask is whether a plane door can be opened during a flight. A pilot from Australian airline Jetstar has now revealed the answer to this aviation enigma. Brett Manders explained to Australian network Seven’s Sunrise breakfast programme how plane doors really […]

WATCH: Shocking moment woman does this disgusting activity mid-flight goes viral

Flights aren’t known for being the most hygienic way to spend a few hours – but one plane passenger has been spotted making a trip very repulsive indeed. A disturbing viral video has filmed a female flier carrying out a grim activity that should only ever be done in private. Sitting in the window seat of […]

Flights: Passenger left horrified after catching woman during this mid-flight

A passenger was disgusted to find a woman putting her bare feet on a tray table during a flight, and the passenger refused to stop when asked, according to reports. The video was taken onboard a China Southern Airlines flight which was travelling from Nanning to Harbin. According to the person filming, the woman in […]

WATCH: Disgusting moment plane passenger does this grim activity mid-flight

A shocking video has gone viral after it captured a plane passenger using a foot file to grate her feet in her seat. The disgusting video – which doesn’t show the woman’s face – shows her carrying out the unpleasant pedicure next to another passenger. She rests her left foot on the knee as the […]

Flight secrets: Cabin crew warn passengers to never do one common thing mid-flight

Flight attendants onboard know all of the tricks of the trade when it coming to the aircraft. They also know all of the most disgusting secrets, such as how little the water tank is cleaned to people putting toenails in the front seat compartment. A cabin crew member recently took to popular online forum Reddit […]

F-35 lands nose-down after midflight emergency over Florida (PHOTO)

An F-35A Lightning II assigned to the test squadron of the US Air Force has suffered an in-flight emergency and was forced to land at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where its front nose gear collapsed. The fifth-generation stealth fighter assigned to the 58th Fighter Squadron experienced a technical malfunction over Floridian skies, which […]

Scared dog forces emergency landing after opening luggage compartment mid-flight

A passenger jet was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow after a small dog, which somehow opened the luggage compartment from the inside, triggered an alarm onboard. The commander of a Boeing 737 travelling from St. Petersburg informed the ground services of the complications as it was approaching the Russian capital on […]