The original ‘Legend of Zelda’ has a massive hidden area that one player finally opened, more than 30 years later

Nintendo/YouTube In 1986, the original “Legend of Zelda” arrived on the Nintendo Entertainment System and, subsequently, spawned a decades-long blockbuster franchise. The original game’s open-world environment was massive at the time, and half of that world was hidden from players — it’s known as the “minus world.” One intrepid YouTube creator managed to access to […]

Amazon just opened its smallest cashierless store yet — and it reveals it’s looking to take on everything from vending machines to Walmart

Amazon Amazon Go’s newest store measures less than 500 square feet. Its small size belies the huge ambition it represents. The Go concept is expanding rapidly, with reports indicating Amazon could put it everywhere from airports to larger places like Whole Foods. Amazon’s newest store is smaller than the average New York City apartment. The […]

Flight secrets: Can a plane door really be opened mid-flight? Pilot reveals the truth

Flights and how planes really work are a mystery to the majority of aircraft passengers. One questions many people ask is whether a plane door can be opened during a flight. A pilot from Australian airline Jetstar has now revealed the answer to this aviation enigma. Brett Manders explained to Australian network Seven’s Sunrise breakfast programme how plane doors really […]

At least 11 people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue while shouting anti-Semitic slurs

Gene J. Puskar/AP At least 11 people have been confirmed dead and six more are injured after a gunman opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning. Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said Saturday afternoon no children were killed or injured in the attack, which occurred during a baby-naming ceremony. Officials confirmed a suspect […]

How Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and Sean Hannity opened their shows for a week perfectly illustrates how Americans see the news differently

YouTube Anderson Cooper of CNN, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, and Sean Hannity of Fox News are three of the biggest primetime anchors in media today. Each anchor and their respective cable news network takes a unique and different angle on the news of the day during primetime programming. As a result, their audiences can come […]

Gunman who took hostages and opened fire in a Trader Joe’s was feuding with his grandmother

A gunman who shot his grandmother and took hostages inside a Trader Joe’s on Saturday was feuding with his grandmother prior to the incident.  A relative told the Associated Press that suspect Gene Evin Atkins argued with his grandmother over his girlfriend staying at his grandmother’s house.  Atkins shot his grandmother several times and wounded […]

David Lynch Has Apparently Opened His Own Online T-Shirt Shop

David Lynch, an artist who exists in a whooshing void full of amazing hair, cigarettes and beautiful, horrifying movies, has decided to open his own T-shirt shop on Amazon. David Lynch doesn’t make many movies anymore – last year’s Twin Peaks revival was the first thing he’d filmed in nearly 11 years. Instead, he bides his […]

Airbnb just opened an ‘Office of Healthy Tourism’

In a bid to counteract tourist saturation in major cities around the world, Airbnb is opening a new global Office of Healthy Tourism. The move is designed to bring the economic benefits of tourism to small businesses and local residents in destinations off the beaten track, while lessening the burden on popular holiday hotspots. The […]

A miles-long crack has opened in Africa — and it could literally split the continent in two

Thomas Mukoya/Reuters A split has appeared in Kenya’s Rift Valley following heavy rain and earth tremors. This is caused by the fragmentation of the African plate. Two plates that were formerly part of the African plate are moving away from each other at the relatively slow rate of 1.9 — 6.9 millimetres per year.  However, […]