Amazon just opened its smallest cashierless store yet — and it reveals it’s looking to take on everything from vending machines to Walmart

Amazon Amazon Go’s newest store measures less than 500 square feet. Its small size belies the huge ambition it represents. The Go concept is expanding rapidly, with reports indicating Amazon could put it everywhere from airports to larger places like Whole Foods. Amazon’s newest store is smaller than the average New York City apartment. The […]

Amazon quietly ended its year-old program that was supposed to be like a better vending machine (AMZN)

Amazon Amazon announced Instant Pickup in August 2017, offering instant purchasing much like a vending machine. It started with five Pickup locations and announced plans to expand. Amazon has now quietly ended the program, a company spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.  Amazon is still keeping and expanding the Pickup locations, which now have the same functionality […]

Check out this giant vending machine that carries actual cars

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Fortnite vending machines LIVE – New Battle Royale featured added with V3.4 content update

EPIC GAMES Fortnite content update 3.4 – Vending machines added to Battle Royale FORTNITE VENDING MACHINES – UPDATE ONE: Fortnite vending machines are live in Battle Royale right now. Fortnite fans will not need to install an update to use the vending machines as it’s part of the new content updates feature. ORIGINAL: Fortnite players […]

Alibaba will sell cars with a vehicle vending machine

Chinese internet ecommerce giant Alibaba is still breaking online shopping records, but it’s begun veering into physical sales, too. That the company is reportedly planning a shopping mall is in their retail wheelhouse, but last week’s news was further afield: Alibaba will help sell Ford EVs in China. Part of that proposal included the intriguing […]

Vending machines are getting smarter with machine learning and facial recognition

GUEST: We’re living in an era of extraordinary technological change. From smartphones to drones, the evidence is in our pockets, in the sky, at the office, and in the streets. The pace of technological evolution, though, can be even harder to keep up with than the Kardashians. When asked to think about cutting-edge tech, I’ll […]

IKEA opened a kitchen utensil vending machine in Stockholm

Business Insider Nordic Earlier this month, Ikea opened a kitchen pop-up store in central Stockholm. To advertise its new and path breaking retail concept, the Swedish furniture giant has placed a vending machine selling kitchen tools inside the subway station of Hötorget, in the city center. “We want to show in a playful way that […]

Bodega’s tone-deaf vending service won’t kill your corner store

Just when you thought the startup world learned a thing or two from the failure of Juicero, here comes Bodega, a company that’s put internet connectivity and image recognition on a West Elm-looking vending machine. That’s it! They plan to offer their boxes in apartment buildings, gyms and other locations where people might want quick […]

People on Twitter are furious at this startup that aims to replace mom-and-pop stores with vending machines

Bodega A new startup launched by two former Google employees aims to replace the corner store — but city dwellers on Twitter don’t seem too happy about that. Called Bodega, after New Yorkers’ preferred term for the local convenience store, the idea behind the startup is to place interactive pantry boxes full of non-perishable goods in […]

Netflix employees created a vending machine concept for developing markets

  During a recent Hack Day at Netflix, one group of employees designed something that sounds totally counterintuitive, but actually could be genius. The Netflix Kiosk was built to address the challenge of users in developing markets where credit cards and high-speed bandwidth can be in limited supply. The machine would allow prospective users to […]