The 14 most repulsive dishes in Sweden’s new Disgusting Food Museum

Anja Barte Telin / The Disgusting Food Museum One of the most unappealing museums in the world has just opened in Malmö, Sweden — for members of the public who are brave enough to visit, that is. The Disgusting Food Museum features such delicacies as bull penis (pictured above), spicy rabbit heads, mouse wine, and […]

It’s a teenage rite of passage to film dumb videos — but Youtube has made it into something more repulsive

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia Last week the blogger Kanghua Ren was arrested in Spain on charges of “crime against moral integrity” after posting a video of himself giving a homeless person a toothpaste-filled Oreo cookie to eat. This is just one example of an offensive ‘prank’ video that has been uploaded by an influential […]

Seven Year Switch viewers horrified at REPULSIVE remarks ‘I won’t iron or do women things’

George is married to wife Michelle, but refuses to iron, cook, or clean as he is “a man” and won’t do “women things”. However, as part of the experiment he was switched with another wife called Rachel, who was far from impressed. The show explained: “For working mother Michelle and real husband George, expectations about […]