Criminal Minds: Why Wasn’t Reid With Maxine at the Series-Ending Party? Matthew Gray Gubler Is Curious, Too

RELATED STORIES As CBS’ Criminal Minds came to an end and the BAU enjoyed one more party in Rossi’s back yard, Emily danced with beau Andrew Mendoza… Dave had wife Krystal at his side… and Matt and Kristy enjoyed some time away from the(ir many) kids. Spencer Reid, however, conspicuously attended said soiree stag, despite […]

The Curious Case of the Anti-Einstein

Saturday after Thanksgiving. Eight-thirty p.m. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I speed up the empty turnpike but still arrive 30 minutes late. I show ID to the complex guard; he makes a call, opens the gate. Good thing I was tardy. The driveway is full of cars, and I’d hate to be blocked in. I knock. A […]

Trailer Roundup: ‘My Dinner with Herve’, ‘Bigger’, ‘Black Monday’, ‘Never-Ending Man’, ‘Wayne’, ‘The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell’, ‘Molly’

We often give entire posts to trailers for big movies. But every now and then, a few smaller trailers slip through the cracks. That’s where a trailer roundup comes in handy. Here is where we compile movie and TV trailers for titles under the radar, because every title deserves a little love. Below you’ll see […]

‘Professor Layton and the Curious Village’ comes to iOS and Android

Today, the beloved adventure game Professor Layton and the Curious Village is out for both iOS and Android. Studio Level-5 remastered the classic puzzle game in HD and optimized it for mobile. You can pick it up today for $ 10 from the App Store or Google Play Store. The game, which Level-5 originally released […]

‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties’ Trailer: Your Average Story of British Punk Boy Meets Curious Alien Girl

As someone reading a movie website, you’ve surely seen a coming of age romance here and there. And you’ve probably seen an alien invasion movie as well. But now they’re about to combine in a sexy, punk acid trip of a movie in the form of an adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s short story and graphic novel […]

Great tits exposed to toxic metals are less curious & active – study

Birds exposed to toxic metals have demonstrated personality traits inconsistent with common animal behavior, according to new research which warns that the changes could prove deadly. Scientists at the University of Antwerp in Belgium found that exposure to contaminants could alter an animal’s personality traits to the extent that it may prove dangerous for them […]

Hilarious moment BBC news report is interrupted by VERY curious lemurs

The presenter was trying to deliver a story from Banham Zoo in Norfolk when the animals decided to launch an attack on him. The video of his attempts made in onto Twitter where it was widely shared. Eight of the primates took a shine to the unsuspecting reporter who was bombarded with attention from them. […]

Russian artists turned Putin into pop art in a new exhibition — and the photos are curious

A collection of artists and fans of Russian President Vladimir Putin recently opened an art exhibit dedicated to the “superhuman” qualities of their country’s leader. Titled “SUPERPUTIN,” the exhibit features about 30 paintings and sculptures of the Russian leader as larger-than-life icons, including as a Roman emperor, an Olympic athlete, Santa Claus and, a superhero. […]

Play With Gilbert Puts Players In Control Of A Very Curious Kitten

Can you die from too much cute? Play with Gilbert tests that hypothesis with its overflowing abundance of adorable feline friends. Players will be put in control of a fluffy kitten ready to explore the world and make new friends around the city, freely wandering about, collecting fish, and meeting other kitties in this child-friendly […]