Criminal Minds: Why Wasn’t Reid With Maxine at the Series-Ending Party? Matthew Gray Gubler Is Curious, Too

RELATED STORIES As CBS’ Criminal Minds came to an end and the BAU enjoyed one more party in Rossi’s back yard, Emily danced with beau Andrew Mendoza… Dave had wife Krystal at his side… and Matt and Kristy enjoyed some time away from the(ir many) kids. Spencer Reid, however, conspicuously attended said soiree stag, despite […]

‘Careful what you wish for!’ Trump slams Maxine Waters for urging harassment of officials

US President Donald Trump has fired another salvo on Twitter, this time aimed at California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ recent call for Americans to harass administration officials so that they have “no peace.” “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted out […]

Maxine Waters 'guarantees' Russian collusion, demands Trump impeachment… again

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters has called for Trump’s impeachment for the second time in a week, and urged her fellow representatives and the black community to join her in pushing for Trump’s ouster. “There is no law that can dictate impeachment,” Waters told members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday. “What the Constitution says […]

Rep. Maxine Waters’ confusing interview on James Comey’s firing throws MSNBC host for a loop

Screenshot via Youtube/MSNBC Rep. Maxine Waters of California attempted to criticize President Donald Trump’s recent firing of FBI director James Comey, but managed to enter a confusing verbal joust with MSNBC’s Peter Alexander on Wednesday afternoon. Asked by Alexander to clarify comments she made about Comey months ago, in which she said “the FBI director […]

Rep. Maxine Waters has been mercilessly slamming Trump — and her supporters are loving it

Alex Wong / Getty Images Rep. Maxine Waters doesn’t expect to pose for a photo with President Donald Trump anytime soon. In fact, the California congresswoman plans to boycott any meeting, event, ceremony or public event with the president, at the White House or even in her home district of Los Angeles. “I don’t see […]

Maxine Waters responds to Bill O’Reilly’s ‘wig’ insult: ‘I cannot be intimidated’

@allinwithchris/Twitter Rep. Maxine Waters of California responded to Bill O’Reilly’s disparaging remarks on Tuesday, saying that she was unintimidated by both O’Reilly and the conservative media. “Let me just say this: I’m a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated,” said Waters on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” on Tuesday afternoon. “I cannot […]

Bill O'Reilly Apologizes for His Comments About Maxine Waters' Hair

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has apologized for his comments about Congresswoman Maxine Waters and her “James Brown wig.” The host of The O’Reilly Factor visited Fox & Friends on Tuesday and, after a video clip of Waters ran, said: “I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig… I didn’t […]

Hollyoaks spoiler: Maxine and Adam celebrate engagement – but there's a surprise guest

The Hollyoaks couple could be set for heartache as Maxine (played by Nikki Sanderson) attempts to find Adam’s (Jimmy Essex) ex-fiance Darcy, who went missing on a boat trip before they met. She will team up with close friend Neeta Kur (Amrit Maghera) to hunt her down and she soon receives a tip off about […]