Flight secrets: 1950s air hostess reveals this strict airline rule – does it exist now?

Cabin crew in the 1950s had to take great care of their appearance while at work. The early decades of flying were strongly associated with glamour and luxury as only the wealthy could afford to fly. Consequently, the air hostesses were expected to look pleasing to the eye. However, some flight attendant requirements were also […]

Fireball gummy bears exist — and they’re perfect for your next summer party

Etsy shops Irish Confectionery Co. and VineGelee both sell gummy bears made with Fireball cinnamon whiskey. VineGelee’s Fire Bears start at $ 9.95, while Irish Confectionery Co.’s Fire Cubs start at $ 5.81. Reviews for both are very positive. For some of us, back in the day, no college party was ever complete without a […]

Planting spies, paying people to post on social media, and pretending the news doesn’t exist: This is how China tries to distract people from human rights abuses

Kevin Frayer/Getty The Chinese Communist Party is keen to portray itself as a peaceful and scandal-free power. It refuses to acknowledge its human rights abuses, and discrimination against LGBT community and feminists. It’s not easy to do in the digital age, where nearly half of China’s citizens use the internet. These are four of the […]

Child-free plane zones: Do YOU think they should exist? This many passengers say YES

Children on planes can be one of the most feared things on a long-haul flight. A recent viral video captured the shocking scene of a child causing chaos during an eight-hour flight, screaming and running down the aisles. The child was filmed “climbing over all the chairs” despite flight attendants attempting to intervene with the […]

Vikings season 5: Did Shieldmaidens like Lagertha really exist? Who is Lagertha based on?

The Real Vikings sees experts exploring the historical accuracy of the drama written by Vikings creator Michael Hirst. Split into four parts, each episode of The Real Vikings looks at a different area of the warrior people. The first episode of The Real Vikings focuses on women and looks at whether there could be shieldmaidens […]

Vikings: Is Ragnar Lothbrok based on a real person? Did he really exist?

From seasons one to four, TV drama Vikings was led by fearsome Danish warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel). The show, created by Michael Hirst and airing on US channel History, followed his exploits as he sought to conquer England and France. Season one started off with the Lindisfarne raid of 793 AD, which […]

A Lockheed Martin executive hinted that the ultra-secret SR-72 ‘Son of Blackbird’ may already exist

A Lockheed Martin executive recently hinted that the SR-72, the hypersonic successor to the SR-71 Blackbird, may already exist. The executive said that new design tools and more powerful computers created a “digital transformation” that helped bring about “the aircraft you see there” before he showed a slide of it. It’s still unclear whether the […]