Vikings season 6: Star reveals the real reason Ragnar Lothbrok won’t return this year

The character now looks weak and dishevelled as he travels through the blisteringly cold city. The first clip sees anger in his eyes as he is carried through the Middle Eastern city. He still seems to be brooding from his latest defeat, and ignores those begging in the poverty stricken town. Will he return to […]

Vikings season 6 spoilers: Ragnar Lothbrok won’t return to History series – Here’s why

Vikings fans were outraged to see the fan-favourite Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) meet a disturbing ending at the hands of brutal king Aelle (Ivan Blakeley Kaye) in the season four finale. Despite seeing the Viking chained up into a cage and dropped into a pit of venomous snakes, some fans have been convinced […]

Vikings season 6 spoilers: Ragnar Lothbrok’s return sealed in huge death clue you missed?

In season four of Vikings, Ragnar (played by Travis Fimmel) was thrown into a pit of snakes to meet his death. He claimed he was not afraid and welcomed death as he was surrounded by venomous snakes. But despite appearing to have been killed some fans are certain he will return for the final run […]

Vikings season 5: Is Ragnar Lothbrok coming back? Is Ragnar really dead?

Is Ragnar Lothbrok coming back for Vikings season 5? It doesn’t look very likely given that Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) was killed in season four.  Fans of the History epic watched as the Vikings hero met a gruesome end in the last run after he was thrown into a pit of poisonous snakes […]

Vikings: Is Ragnar Lothbrok based on a real person? Did he really exist?

From seasons one to four, TV drama Vikings was led by fearsome Danish warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel). The show, created by Michael Hirst and airing on US channel History, followed his exploits as he sought to conquer England and France. Season one started off with the Lindisfarne raid of 793 AD, which […]