Holy Shit, ‘Black Panther’ Made So Much Money

We knew it would be big, but… Jesus. Black Panther, Creed director Ryan Coogler’s contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, capitalized on deafening buzz, cultural relevance, and rave reviews to capture one of the largest opening weekends in movie history. According to Box Office Mojo, the picture delivered an estimated $ 201.7 million from Friday […]

This Guy's Math Joke Resolved Some Weirdness With His Girlfriend And Someone Called It “Cute Shit”

“My boyfriend and I weren’t really ‘mad,’ because we never really get into huge arguments,” Bree told BuzzFeed News. “We’re really comfortable with each other so we do express if we’re irritated or in a not so great mood, then that makes the other person in the same negative mood and it can make us […]

21 Tweets That'll Make You Smile Even If You're Having A Shit Week

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