The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet,’ ‘Paddleton’

It’s a big week for family movies on disc, with a new Disney hit and an all-time classic getting the 4K and Blu-ray treatment. We’ve also got an unsung ‘90s gem joining the Criterion Collection, as well as a new buddy comedy/drama and a once-again-relevant first-person documentary on Netflix. ON NETFLIX Paddleton: Few things on […]

’90s internet simulator ‘Hypnospace Outlaw’ launches on March 12

The wild west era of the internet is coming back, and you’re tasked with moderating all of the madness. That’s the premise of alternate-reality 1990s internet simulator Hypnospace Outlaw, the latest title from Dropsy creator Jay Tholen. The anticipated game finally has a launch date, set for March 12th. The game will be available through […]

Diese Mutter zweifelt an ihrem Gemälde, das Internet dreht durch und macht es zum besten Meme

1. Das Internet ist manchmal einfach so ein wundervoller Ort, wie diese Geschichte zeigt. Es geht um die 55-jährige Cindi Decker aus Florida, USA. Die Lehrerin hat dieses Bild gemalt und sagte dazu, dass es sicher niemand mögen wird. 2. Ihr Sohn schoß ein Foto und sie dachte, dass er es einfach nur an seine […]

Internet watchdog Citizen Lab targeted in comically inept undercover sting

Enlarge (credit: AntanO / Wikimedia) It was almost like an episode of Spy vs. Spy—a security researcher conceals a camera on his person to record an undercover operative who, under false pretenses and with his own hidden camera, quizzes the researcher about work he did exposing an Israeli exploit seller with highly questionable ethics. In […]

Russia’s own internet? Legislators plan to protect the country's web from foreign interference

Russian lawmakers have introduced legislation designed to reduce the country’s internet resources’ dependence on foreign infrastructure. The bill also envisions emergency measures in case the nation gets cut off the worldwide web. The legislation, submitted to the State Duma on Tuesday, has been drafted in the wake of the “aggressive nature of US cyber security […]