’90s internet simulator ‘Hypnospace Outlaw’ launches on March 12

The wild west era of the internet is coming back, and you’re tasked with moderating all of the madness. That’s the premise of alternate-reality 1990s internet simulator Hypnospace Outlaw, the latest title from Dropsy creator Jay Tholen. The anticipated game finally has a launch date, set for March 12th. The game will be available through […]

Tim Burton Almost Made a ‘Goosebumps’ Movie in the ’90s, But ‘Superman Lives’ Got in the Way

In the 1990s, Tim Burton almost told audiences to say cheese and die with a Goosebumps movie. While a film based on the popular horror series for young readers would eventually splatter monster blood on filmgoers in 2015, writer R.L. Stine recently revealed that a Tim Burton Goosebumps movie was a real possibility in the mid-90s, but never came to pass. […]

Never Stop Sneakin’ is a brilliant send-up of ’90s stealth games

Enlarge / Hummingbird is just one of many unlockable, playable characters. (credit: Humble Hearts) Nostalgia is a tricky thing. We all feel it at one time or another, and it often seems nothing gets butts in the proverbial seats as reliably as the promise of remembering everything as it was, when you didn’t know any […]

Defector is the VR spy adventure that riffs on ’90s action flicks

Twisted Pixel Games‘ Defector is a virtual reality game that pays homage to the over-the-top spy flicks of the ’90s: explosions, high-tech gadgets, espionage, shootouts, and more explosions. It’s the kind of game where you drive a car off one plane and onto another, running over some dudes while you’re at it. It doesn’…Read More

Jet Skis and Shootouts: The Waterlogged Action Cinema of the ’90s

If you asked me to describe my memory of ‘90s action movies in a single image, it would be this: our hero, wading through thigh-deep water, firing an endless barrage of bullets at whatever bad guy or monster happens to be offscreen. In my nostalgia-addled brain, it seems like every movie from that decade featured […]

The ’90s were ‘a crazy time’: John Kelly suggests Larry Kudlow’s past cocaine addiction won’t bar him from obtaining security clearance

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters White House chief of staff John Kelly suggested that Larry Kudlow’s past substance-abuse wouldn’t complicate his path to a security clearance once he’s officially installed as President Donald Trump’s new chief economic adviser. Kudlow was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid 1990s as he struggled with cocaine addiction. Kelly reportedly joked that […]

Kidnappings, pop concerts & vodka ads: Russia’s presidential hopefuls in ‘the wild ‘90s’ (VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Mar, 2018 11:39 With the presidential polls already at the door, RT looks at what five of the candidates were doing back in Russia’s ‘wild 1990s,’ with its cult of money, rife crime, amateurish pop scene and not-so-subtle politics. Most of the hopefuls in Sunday’s Russian presidential election are what you would […]

‘Fear’ Remake to Rekindle the Cinematic Magic of the ’90s Thriller

Having run out of ideas once and for all, Hollywood now plans to remake the 1996 Mark Wahlberg/Reese Witherspoon thriller Fear. Good luck trying to recapture that ’90s movie magic! Remember Fear? The ’90s thriller featuring a scene where Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon share a romantic evening on a roller coaster? It’s back! Deadline reports a Fear remake […]

‘Reboot: The Guardian Code’ Trailer: Netflix Reboots Your ’90s Nostalgia

Raise your hand if you’re a ’90s kid and you remember ReBoot. I sadly don’t, though I do remember its more kid-friendly PBS equivalent, Cyberchase. It seems like Reboot: The Guardian Code, the Netflix, uh, reboot of the series, is banking on a combination of nostalgia for the original show and the near-universal familiarity with Power Rangers. The original ReBoot was an […]