Army war hero pleads guilty to trying to smuggle over $1 million of cocaine into the US hidden in gutted punching bags on a military aircraft

Reuters/Carlos Jasso An Army Special Forces veteran pleaded guilty to two drug trafficking conspiracy counts, admitting he attempted to smuggle nearly 90 pounds of cocaine from Colombia.  Master Sgt. Daniel Gould was charged in August after officials at the US Embassy in Bogota discovered cocaine in gutted-out punching bags. An X-ray scan revealed the cocaine […]

Guns, explosives, submarines & cocaine: US charges Honduran president’s brother

Tony Hernandez, a former Honduran congressman and brother of the country’s sitting president, has been convicted of drug smuggling, possession of firearms and connections to “deadly and dangerous” gangs from Mexico and Colombia. The US attorney general and DEA announced Monday that Tony Hernandez has been charged with “conspiring to import cocaine”, possession of “machineguns […]

Meet Maged1: The gene behind cocaine addiction and associated behaviors

While the release of dopamine in our brains when we eat, sleep, have sex and do drugs is a known phenomenon, scientists have discovered the gene that controls how much of it you get, and why you may be addicted. Published in EMBO Reports, the discovery was made by a Belgian team from the Université […]

It’s legal to manufacture cocaine and heroin for medical use — and Britain is the world’s biggest exporter

The UK is the world’s biggest exporter of legal cocaine and heroin, according to new figures. Heroin and cocaine still have medicinal uses and can therefore be manufactured legally. The UK exported 57kg of legal cocaine in 2016, far ahead of the next biggest exporter. Switzerland was the biggest importer of legal heroin. The new […]

Woman caught with cocaine claims wind ‘blew drugs into her bag’

Fort Pierce Police Department 26-year-old Kennecia Posey was arrested on poessession charges in Florida. She told police the cocaine in her bag must have been blown in by the wind. A woman caught with cocaine in her purse told police the wind must have blown the drug into her bag. Kennecia Posey, 26, was arrested on March 21 on […]

Latin America’s biggest port just made its largest cocaine seizure ever — the latest bust in a thriving drug-trafficking corridor

Brazil Federal Revenue service The port of Santos in southeast Brazil saw its largest cocaine bust ever on Friday. The port is a major transshipment center for the drug, and seizures there are frequent. Brazil as a whole has become a hub for both consumption and transit of the drug. Federal officials in Brazil intercepted […]

Flight attendant caught with £113,000 of cocaine strapped to his legs at airport security

A flight attendant was caught with over $ 160,000 (£113,000) worth of cocaine attached to his legs by US Customs. The man, Mr Hugh Hall, was found with four packages taped to his legs under this clothes. He was travelling from Jamaica aboard Fly Jamaica Airways when he landed at John F Kennedy International Airport […]

The ’90s were ‘a crazy time’: John Kelly suggests Larry Kudlow’s past cocaine addiction won’t bar him from obtaining security clearance

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters White House chief of staff John Kelly suggested that Larry Kudlow’s past substance-abuse wouldn’t complicate his path to a security clearance once he’s officially installed as President Donald Trump’s new chief economic adviser. Kudlow was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid 1990s as he struggled with cocaine addiction. Kelly reportedly joked that […]

No, you can’t bring cocaine & heroin to the stadium during the World Cup in Russia

Less fake news and more of a non-story, the numerous reports that claim fans will be allowed to bring otherwise illegal drugs to the World Cup matches this summer, which have been reprinted a myriad times, are due for a debunking. “Russian stadiums to allow cocaine, cannabis and heroin at 2018 FIFA World Cup,” claimed Newsweek; […]

Claims of drug ring at US Naval Academy selling cocaine, LSD on dark web trigger probe

US Navy investigators are looking into claims of a drug ring that was selling illegal substances over the dark web, including cocaine, LSD, and ketamine – a powerful sedative, local media reports. As many as dozens of midshipmen are being investigated for an alleged drug abuse, Fox News reported. The investigation revolves around allegations of […]