John Caudwell: I spent £2m obtaining a diagnosis for my boy

But when Rufus’s symptoms grew to include a fear of vomiting, anxiety, signs of depression and agoraphobia – to such a degree that he didn’t leave the four walls of his family home for almost a decade – John knew something was seriously wrong. “When I describe his symptoms to people, they assume they developed […]

The ’90s were ‘a crazy time’: John Kelly suggests Larry Kudlow’s past cocaine addiction won’t bar him from obtaining security clearance

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters White House chief of staff John Kelly suggested that Larry Kudlow’s past substance-abuse wouldn’t complicate his path to a security clearance once he’s officially installed as President Donald Trump’s new chief economic adviser. Kudlow was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid 1990s as he struggled with cocaine addiction. Kelly reportedly joked that […]

Woman raped in India sues Uber for obtaining her medical records

The Uber passenger who was brutally raped by her driver in India in 2014 has sued the ride-hailing firm for improperly obtaining and sharing her medical records. See, while the company showed support for her plight and publicly declared that it will do “everything to help bring [the] perpetrator to justice” — the accused, pictured […]