Congress seeks more information on the Google+ data exposure

Since the Google+ data exposure came to light earlier this week, European regulatory authorities have announced investigations into the matter and a US Senator has called for an FTC probe. Now, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has sent the company a letter requesting more information about the incident and Google’s decision to […]

Japanese banks’ foreign exposure may threaten financial stability

THE maelstrom that hit global financial markets a decade ago is known in Japan as the Lehman Shock, after the bankruptcy of the American investment bank that caused it. Japanese banks themselves escaped relatively unscathed, owing to defences built during the 1990s, when the country struggled with deflation and excessive debt. But they seem to […]

Policeman evaluated in Salisbury hospital over nerve agent exposure

Published time: 7 Jul, 2018 20:21 A British police officer has been hospitalized over concerns about potential exposure to the same substance, which was used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March. A police officer is being evaluated at the Salisbury District Hospital for possible Novichok Nerve Agent exposure — Strategic Sentinel […]

CHEMICALS WARNING: Exposure could be linked to brain development disorders in children

A number of common chemicals can have a knock-on effect with thyroid hormone actions in pregnant women. This is key in brain development in foetuses and young children, according to a report published in Endocrine Connections. Rising levels of chemical production has led to “widespread environmental chemical contamination,” according to the review. The review warned […]

Struggle with Paralympic exposure in Canada nothing new

A frigid, vast mountainous landscape transitions to a lone para ice hockey player training on an icy pond in an arctic storm. Across the screen, a number of statistics on Canadian hockey participation are displayed, culminating in one final figure. “0.000053% play hockey on a sledge and become Paralympic champions.” The para ice hockey player is […]

Former Russian spy critically ill in UK after exposure to unknown substance – reports

Two people have been treated for “suspected exposure to an unknown substance” in the city of Salisbury, England, according to police. One of them is reportedly a former Russian double agent. Sources close to the investigation told BBC and Reuters that one of those affected was Sergey Skripal, part of a “spy swap” between the US and […]

Dealer’s Super Bowl LII Ad Congratulates Losing Team, Wins Exposure

– How do you know your local car dealer’s ad congratulating the wrong team for winning the 2018 Super Bowl somehow wasn’t a major bust? Because the internet exists, that’s why—and, um, you’re reading about the bizarre commercial here. – So what happened is this: A Subaru dealer in Muskegon, Michigan, was given the opportunity […]

Chicago airport issues measles alert days after exposure

Passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were exposed to the measles, according to state health officials, who confirmed an international traveler arrived in the US with the highly contagious disease. On Sunday, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released a measles alert, warning travelers that an individual with a confirmed case of the measles […]