Parents worry that brain injury risk has turned youth football into a game of ‘Russian roulette’

Two moms whose late sons suffered from a degenerative brain condition associated with the type of head impacts common in collision sports are suing the biggest youth football league in the U.S. But one neurologist says there is still a lot scientists don’t understand about brain injury in sport.

Understanding the Brain is a catalog of all we don’t know about the brain

Enlarge (credit: Jonathan Lee, Duke University) Twenty years ago, the neuroscientist John E. Dowling wrote a book about the brain called Creating Mind. Since then, our understanding of cellular neurobiology and even systems neuroscience has exploded. So Dowling decided to update his book. Yet our understanding of the mind has not exploded apace with our […]

‘Brain diarrhea, gang of scum’: Ukrainian chief prosecutor loses it during parliament dressing down

A Ukrainian parliament hearing on a high-profile murder became heated after the prosecutor general lashed out, calling an MP barely printable names and reportedly saying “suck my c**k” after a vote of confidence. The Rada, the Ukraine parliament, has witnessed many heated debates and quite a few fistfights. But the Tuesday session will probably be […]

The Blackfeet Brain Drain

I grew up on the high-elevation plains of northwest Montana, on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, in a culture in which English did not become the dominant language until the middle part of the 20th century. Leaving to attend the University of Montana in the mid-1990s, after receiving a tuition waiver the summer following my senior […]