Music on the brain: Listening can influence our brain’s activity

Enlarge People have long tried to use music as a tool to improve their abilities. Soldiers chanted songs when marching into battle, sailors sang songs on long voyages, and cloth makers sang when weaving. But do we have any evidence that music makes a difference for any of our activities? We’ve only recently started to […]

Dementia: Alzheimer’s attacks language centre of the brain – symptoms

DEMENTIA is an umbrella of neurological diseases affecting the brain and resulting in the death of the patient after an often prolonged period. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, a condition first discovered in 1906. While the workings of the disease have remained a mystery, advances in science mean those mysteries are […]

Parents worry that brain injury risk has turned youth football into a game of ‘Russian roulette’

Two moms whose late sons suffered from a degenerative brain condition associated with the type of head impacts common in collision sports are suing the biggest youth football league in the U.S. But one neurologist says there is still a lot scientists don’t understand about brain injury in sport.

Understanding the Brain is a catalog of all we don’t know about the brain

Enlarge (credit: Jonathan Lee, Duke University) Twenty years ago, the neuroscientist John E. Dowling wrote a book about the brain called Creating Mind. Since then, our understanding of cellular neurobiology and even systems neuroscience has exploded. So Dowling decided to update his book. Yet our understanding of the mind has not exploded apace with our […]